Once upon a time, there was a town with a nuclear power facility. One day, the town was hit by a massive radiation leak that caused chaos and panic among the residents.

The experts were brought in to find the source of the radiation leak. They scoured the town from top to bottom, searching for any sign of the radioactive material.

They searched high and low, through the forests and the fields, the schools and factories but they couldn’t find anything. They even checked the nearby lake, but it was clear as a crystal.

After years of searching, they were completely baffled. They couldn’t understand how the radiation leak could be so severe, yet they couldn’t find anything that could explain it. Some thought it was naturally occurring even though it had markers indicating the type of uranium that was recently sent to the nuclear power facility.

Then, suddenly, one of the group members, Bob, had a brilliant idea and was joined by experts from all over the world. “Hey guys,” he exclaimed, “I think we’ve been looking in the wrong place!”

“What do you mean?” the others asked.

“Well, we’ve been searching everywhere except for the nuclear power plant! Maybe that’s where the radiation leak is coming from,” he said.

Bob and his fellow experts were derided by the first group of experts. They excluded Bob from all future meetings. With the help of the media and the internet those that believed the radiation leak was from the nuclear facility were laughed out of town.

To this day experts say they may never uncover the origin of the radiation leak.

Why couldn’t the group of people find the radiation leak at the nuclear power facility nearby?

Because they were all Geiger-counter-dictated!

Now you know the story of Wuhan as written by Chat GPT 🙂

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