Time Sensitive – Please help my mother

Time Sensitive – Please help my mother

On April 10, 2016, my father passed away after a valiant fight against an aggressive form of Dementia.

Before his passing, he asked me to assist him in getting his VA benefits from serving our great country as a Marine in the Korean War. More importantly, he wanted to make sure that his loving wife Emily would receive her spousal benefits after he passed. Now 88-years old, my mother Emily continues her own fight with Dementia. And, I continue my fight for justice against The Department of Veteran Affairs.

It’s been nine-months since my father’s passing and my mother still has not received her spousal benefits. I was my parents live-in, 24/7 caregiver for three-years until I could no longer adequately care for both of them at home. In November 2015, I had to move them into assisted living–the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make in my life.

Now, because of the incompetence of the VA, my mother faces possible eviction from her assisted living facility on Feb. 1st. My mother needs her back benefits now, not in another month, or two, three…  Time is of the essence!

It is my sincere hope that someone will see my post and help my mother receive her benefits as expeditiously as possible. If any readers know a high ranking member in the VA that can assist me, I would be indebted to you for any assistance.

My father served America proudly when needed and all our family is asking is that the VA honor my father’s service by making sure his wife doesn’t lose her housing. It is disgraceful what our family, and many others, have to go through to receive their “benefits” when they have earned the right to be supported by the VA with respect, honor and integrity.

I appreciate this forum and I will continue fighting for veterans, their spouses and families even after my personal situation is resolved.

On behalf of all Americans, thank you for your service to our great nation.


Christopher Tunstall



Christopher Tunstall



By Rosine Ghawji

As President Donald J. Trump took the oath of office at noon on Friday, some 3800 miles away in the French capital, a group of dozens of high-ranking French dignitaries hosted an American delegation in a festive celebration sponsored by French-American Friendship Association of Paris.  French dignitaries included members of the French Parliament, Members of the European Parliament, and members of academia and other elected officials

The American military and congressional contingent included Retired General Paul Vallely, former Deputy Commander of United States Pacific Command, former Congressman Mike Flanagan of Illinois, and best-selling military author and former U.S. Navy JAG Officer, Lieutenant Commander Don Brown, who represented four-star retired admiral James “Ace” Lyons, former commander of the United States Pacific Fleet.  Members of the French-Russian Association of Paris also attended to show support for the American delegation.

The event, held in the ballroom of Hotel Intercontinental Paris le Grand Hotel, and sponsored in part by the French-American Association of Paris, was covered in Europe and the Middle East by the I-24 Network, and by internationally-acclaimed journalist Christian Malard, who has interviewed more world leaders than any other active journalist.

President Trump’s inaugural address was applauded by the French hosts several times, but perhaps the most enthusiastic applause, surprisingly, came when the new President proclaimed “America First.”

After the inauguration, the French hosted a large cocktail party, followed by a large formal banquet in the Hotel’s grand Ballroom, which commenced with the playing of the Star Spangled Banner. After dinner, all members of the U.S. Delegation addressed the crowd, along with historian Frank Mitchell, author of DONALD TRUMP’S PLACE IN HISTORY: The Untold Story.

The loudest and most sustained applause came when Don Brown delivered Admiral Lyons’ remarks on advice the Admiral would give to President Trump. Addressing the crowd in French, Russian and English, Brown presented Lyons’ speech, which declared that America’s “eight-year nightmare with Barak Obama is finally over.” He called on President Trump to eradicate the Muslim Brotherhood from all positions in the federal government, to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, and to prosecute its members for sedition. To each of these suggestions, the crowd enthusiastically responded with approval and applause.

The historic Intercontinental Paris Le Grand Hotel, built in 1861 at the request of Emperor Napoleon III, has been the site for numerous Franco-American diplomatic events in the past, and has hosted prominent American leaders including Presidents Harry Truman, Richard Nixon, and Dwight Eisenhower. It has also hosted other notable Americans, including Ernest Hemmingway, Orson Wells, and Gregory Peck.

The historic commemoration of the Trump inauguration marks the first known event in which the French have invited an American delegation to celebrate the inauguration of an American President.

Show Speciale Investiture Donald Trump this Friday, 20 January, from 17 pm to 21 pm on the breakers French and English from www.I24news.tv with live from Tel Aviv Paul amar jc banoun and nurit ben des. Direct From New York Washington Ramallah. And Paris or with my producer cryielle Cohen I will receive between 17 pm and 21 PM 1 / the general Paul Vallely Adviser to Donald Trump on the middle east initator d a peace plan on Syria. 2 / Michael Flanngan Congressman from Illinois L, I one of the door words of campaign of Donald Trump 3 / Commander Don Brown military author and Deputy L. Admiral Lyons EX COMMANDER OF THE PACIFIC FLEET 4/ Frank Mitchell Biographer of Donald Trump 5 / rosine ghawji bye of Donald Trump for the French-SPEAKING COUNTRIES 6 / Somar Al Assad first cousin of President Bashar al-Assad 7 / Dina Nedoloucko Russian political scientist / Senator Pozzo di Borgo member of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee Parliament of France, President of Parlimentary Friendship Group with Central Asia

Paul E Vallely 

MG, US Army (Ret)

Chairman, Stand Up America/Glacial Forum

Chairman – Legacy National Security Advisory Group

Chairman – Syrian Liaison Group

[email protected]

Web/Blog: www.standupamericaus.org

Skype: paulvallely

Paul E Vallely MG, US Army (Ret)
Simply…Thank you.

Simply…Thank you.

As a US Marine Disabled Veteran, I never forward deployment; I do have a concern for Veteran’s who have. Yes, I agree with many who say, Veteran’s are treated like red-headed step children and thrown to the side. I have stood on many a line and saw Veteran’s have to go through the slow drawn out process of being seen through the medical and broken Veteran’s Affair process.

It’s true Veteran’s die in line to get served. It’s ludicrous to see any of our Veteran’s homeless. I appreciate all your doing. I’d like to see Veteran’s served and put to the forefront of America’s society and acknowledged to take care of those who have served our country wholeheartedly without question. We must care for those who are suffering from PTSD immediately, due to the statistics that every twenty-two seconds a Veteran takes their life. This should not be happening on our watch.

Veteran’s should be served with respect and honor. Although we know there is a handful of former service members, who served under what’s in it for them. However, we know there are so many who need to be cared for with these respects and honor. There is nothing more precious in my eyes than to thank the Veteran’s who served before me. I love to go and shake their hand and say “Thank you.” Keep going hard Joshua if there is anything I can do let me know. I love our Country and our Veteran’s. Bless you and the family. Signed, Janet…USMC Disabled Veteran 1996-2003 – Vets4Trump

EPA And USDA Gag Order? Don’t Get Wrapped Around The Axle

EPA And USDA Gag Order? Don’t Get Wrapped Around The Axle

Some of my liberal friends are upset at the news relating to Trump putting a “Gag Order” on the USDA and EPA. I’m sure clarification will follow from Spicer. The USDA has already disavowed this report.

He is barring the release of any proprietary EPA information, USDA employees are free to communicate with the public. Click here.

Contracts and new hires have also been frozen. Carter and Reagan did similar things.

Remember, it is now the job of the media to get you fired up. This gets more eyeballs on their websites and TV stations and results in more advertising revenue for them. Follow the money.

To my friends on the left, I will pass a saying given to me by a fellow veteran. “Don’t get wrapped around the axle.” If you do, the next 8 years are going to be hell.

It is interesting to note that Nixon, a Republican, created the EPA and OSHA.

COLD WAR VETERANS – Bring us back under the tent…

COLD WAR VETERANS – Bring us back under the tent…

It is important that veterans that took the same oaths and carried out their duties in an honorable fashion, be officially recognized by the military services, the Veterans Administration, the Congress and the Office of the President.

We veterans are overlooked for government employment, we take a back seat at the V.A. Medical Centers, we have no official medal for our sacrifice and honorable service during hazardous and danger-filled conditions; many of which are classified.

Military service members do not pick the circumstances that occur during their time of service; what we can be sure of is, Cold War Veterans volunteered to walk into an uncertain future and swore this oath before God and country:

“I, THE COLD WAR VETERAN, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”

I don’t think ANY service member before nor afterward, have uttered any different oaths of service than that one. Our dedication and will to give our lives, health and all that comes with that, in service to our nation.

We deserve official acknowledgment and certification of sacrifices and commitment, and that acknowledgment should be ratified by Congress and a bonifide citation and an accompanying medal should be issued immediately before the last of us are in our nineties.

Lastly, some in government have mentioned the expense to produce and issue such a citation/medal is prohibitive; well I argue that sending billions to the Iranians and hundreds of millions to the Palestinians is what is prohibitive!

President Donald J. Trump, stop the flow of cash to the enemies that we have fought against and authorize and fund an official Cold War Medal and Citation for ALL Cold War Veteran or their survivors.

Prosperity Ideology

Submitted by a Guest

To whom it may concern:

Mainstream media has created a cult of vanity, violence and selfishness. Our society is now run by individuals who only care about their looks and their self enrichment. Our youth is forgotten into gangs, mediocre education and television programming. Not to mention the deficient nutrition that you get from being broke, depressed  and fast food places.

We need to focus on the real issues. Stop being so passionate about professional sports,  and invest that energy in improving your relationships with your loved ones at home, specially the relationship with your self. Improve your state of mind by being organized, clean and aware of our your financial condition. Improve your knowledge in your economy well being. Improve your credit, improve your health and feed your mind with positive thoughts. Remember you have been under the spell of the mainstream media since you are a kid. Be aware of this first. Stop watching tv on the couch with a six pack and a bag or Doritos.

It is time to shake off the old skin of deception and submission. America is on your side. I am on your side. Wake up and take action!





Guest Poster
Women’s March

Women’s March

Charlotte Brock and yours truly at the Women’s March

I attended the Women’s March at the request of People’s Television. At the time I was coming down with a severe cold but decided to go. People’s TV put a lot of work into the short documentary and I did not want to let them down. I was to meet a fellow veteran who was a Bernie Sanders supporter, Charlotte Brock. The reason, as explained to me, was to show common ground after the election.

It took a long time to find the second half of the People’s TV crew in the crowd. Like at the Inauguration, cell phones were not working well due to the number of people in the area using up all the bandwidth. Charlotte turned out to be a pleasant young woman who served 6 years in the Marines, 4 active and 2 in the reserve if I recall correctly. More on that in future posts

I recall seeing signs that made me laugh and signs that made me uneasy. One sign read “Unafraid” and I recall thinking “good for you, there is nothing to fear.” Not exactly a protest sign if you ask me. There were the common Abortion Rights signs and others that were so vile it made me wonder what they were protesting. Was it what Trump said in a secret recording by Billy Bush? If so, why were these women saying vile things out in the open for children to see? At least Trump’s recording was a private conversation. It’s the classic pot calling the kettle black if you ask me.

I have to admit I did not expect the crowd to be so large. Then I started thinking and reading. It only makes sense since the Washington D.C. area is 76% Democrats. That is just D.C. let alone the sprawling surrounding towns. Add to that George Soros put 90 million dollars into it.

I could not help but wonder what could be done with all that money and energy if it had put to good use. Nobody paid Trump supporters to show up at the Inauguration.

Inauguration Wow!

Inauguration Wow!

I meant to post about the Inauguration while I was there. It got so busy there wasn’t time. Thanks to one of our fellow veterans, Joe Episcopo (pictured above in the VFW hat), I was able to go. Joe got the ticket approval and set up the room. We went down to D.C. on Wednesday because we had several interviews lined up.

On Tuesday, 17 Jan, People’s TV sent a crew of 4 to my house and spent around 8 hours filming and interviewing. They shadowed me for several days ending on Saturday at the Women’s March. All this will boil down to a 2 or 3 minute segment. People’s TV videoed Joe and me picking up the tickets from Joe’s Congressman’s office on Thursday. Later Ryder Haske took us to the NuVegan Cafe in D.C. I have to say as a meat eater I was impressed. If you get to D.C. I highly recommend trying it.

The BBC showed up Thursday evening at our hotel for an interview by Nuala McGovern from Ireland. Joe and I ran into another BBC reporter on Inauguration Day and did another quick impromptu interview. The Military Times tried to catch up with us at the Inauguration but failed. Cell phones did not work very well and security would not let them through to my location. That was greatly disappointing.

People’s TV was not allowed to bring their camera (pictured above) into our area at the Inauguration. We caught up with them 5 hours after the swearing in. It took that long to try and go several blocks. I would hate to think how long it would have taken if there were more people. I mean WOW, it was a huge crowd from my perspective but I could not see any further than my immediate area. Here is an interesting link about crowd size – check out this web link. I am guessing the picture you are seeing with a smaller crowd size was taken earlier in the day. Just a guess.

We were really blessed with the weather. It was not too cold and the rain was more of a mist or spritz and only lasted a couple minutes. Veterans were scattered through the crowd. I must have talked to dozens of people and a significant percentage were veterans. I met a woman from Cuba who was anxious to tell me how happy she was to see President Trump’s Inauguration. She was quick to remind me that most Americans of Cuban descent were conservative and how living in an oppressive Communist regime would change most American’s minds about Socialism.

Saturday I was starting to come down with a cold or flu. However, the guys from People’s Television were able to persuade me to go with them to the Women’s March to meet up with Charlotte, a fellow veteran. Charlotte was a Bernie supporter. I instantly connected with her because of our military service and love of country. Later that day we went back to People’s TV office for a follow-up discussion. Even though Charlotte has an opposing political point of view she is now someone I consider a friend. More on that to come.

It is hard to believe that all the work People’s Television did will come down to a couple minutes of video. I was told they would send me some behind the scenes footage. When I get it I’ll release some of it. Between People’s Television, the BBC and other interviews throughout the process I learned a lot. I plan to share more of that over the next days and weeks. Standby for updates.

Click an image below to open full-screen mode for better viewing.

It’s Inauguration Eve – Be Prepared Tomorrow

It’s Inauguration Eve – Be Prepared Tomorrow

Here we are. Tonight’s the night. All the indicators are there.

Be prepared for the violent leftists. Here are some suggestions:

If at all possible, quickly assess the situation. There will typically be more of us than them. They will pick on the vulnerable looking people. Showing a quick and determined reaction to restrain attackers will deter others. Better to break several fingers than punching or kicking. Nobody dies from broken fingers but it will cause severe pain and limit an attackers ability to fight back.

Surround any person who has been attacked to protect them. Call for medical attention immediately. Call out to the crowd for somebody trained in first aid. Do not move a person who has been injured as you could cause more harm than good.

Last but not least do not react to taunting. Do not strike the first blow. If attacked everyone must mob the attacker as there is strength in numbers.

Be safe, have fun and stay aware of potential violent situations. Avoid protesters where possible.

Syrian Renaissance Plan

Syrian Renaissance Plan

Syrian Renaissance Plan

Reconstructing Syria After Its Devastation by War and Destruction

Proposed by
Paul E. Vallely MG US Army (Ret)

Chairman Stand Up America, Legacy National
Security Advisory Group and Syrian Liaison Group

Kate & Pasquale Scopelliti

Syria Statistics after 6 years of war: 470,000 dead; 1+ million injured; 11.3 million driven out of their homes. According to UNICEF – 8.4 Million, more than 80% of Syria’s child population, have been seriously affected, whether in Syria or as refugees. Tens of thousands of children have died.

The most important element of this plan is to create the first Safe Zones for returning refugees and displaced citizens from within, from such places as Aleppo and throughout the devastated regions of the country.

Infrastructure for the entire Syrian Renaissance must be identified in outline, even though the time horizon for the infrastructure is much longer term and the scope of creation much farther and broader reaching, to eventually encompass the entire nation.

Vital infrastructure will include: roads, electrical, solar, digital, ports, bridges, airports, water, desalinization, dry-land agriculture, transportation and so much more. Consider the mobile grid and its relation to the internet, for example. There are many new technologies available to leap frog aging platforms to embrace the new. This vision points toward a new Syria that rises to fulfill the full potential of the nation in its glorious history, of the wonderful people in all their diversity of religion and culture. The term “Renaissance” is in NO way exaggerated.

BUT FIRST: The safe return of the dispersed refugees in their millions, as well as the displaced and hopeless due to the devastating war, must be facilitated, and the overwhelming process of making them whole for the short term must be faced and accomplished.

A large Re-entry Assessment Facility will be necessary to process returning Syrian refugees. Assuming the refugees will be entering through the Syrian Mediterranean ports, busing may be required to a central facility where a thorough questioning, identification and clearing of individuals and families needs to take place.

Very importantly, within the facility, medical assessments must occur, requiring nurses, nurse practitioners and doctors on site. According to the Save the Children Report on Syria 2014, measles, meningitis and polio are on the rise with as many as 80,000 Syrian children who may be carriers.

At least one-third of children under 5 have not received their vaccinations. Every child, age 15 years and under must be issued vaccination booklets detailing vaccinations needed, given with dates. Parents will keep these booklets safe and bring them to doctor visits. The information should be electronically maintained in hospitals/clinics, as well.

Malnutrition and resulting medical issues need to be identified. Many adults and children may be suffering from skin conditions.

It has been shown in refugee camps in Lebanon that disbursement of Vaseline (petroleum jelly) by volunteer medical professionals through donations by the Vaseline company, have been successful in mitigating many skin conditions presented. Disbursement of this simple emollient at the re-entry facility would be beneficial. Tuberculosis diagnosis and treatment and other contagious medical issues, possibly requiring the implementation of quarantine protocols, must be immediately addressed.

Vouchers for food and clothing, packages of personal hygiene sundries, small cash disbursements, etc. should be distributed at the assessment center.

All information must be electronically preserved.

Once this initial process is underway, the most important part of the plan will be the Safe Zones which MUST be created. A commitment to the nation, its sovereignty, the safety of its citizens within their own country, and to their future as proud, productive citizens must be expressed in transformational action.

This is equally important for the stabilization of the region as it is for the security of other places such as Europe, currently bearing a load of human need vastly beyond their means to serve, let alone to secure. The entire world needs to see that the War has ended, a plan has commenced and that a future can be envisioned.

Following processing, a destination is required. The first step is to identify areas for mixed-used development – outside Latakia and Tartous on the Mediterranean in Western Syria would be ideal initial locations.

Bus will be the main mode of transportation for returning refugees. Ideally, travel will be restricted, for the protection of the people. Travel between the resettlement communities and Latakia, in the north, and Tartous, in the south, should be sufficient range for the people to move around and possibly find work. Obviously, a bus terminal may need to be constructed and possibly, temporary bus passes issued to those seeking work.

Housing, daily life supply, education, work, recreation and worship, all must be addressed as quickly as possible. It is not enough to house the body, or even provide safety and physical security. Productivity is every bit as important for the health and well-being of both individual and community.

The mixed-use community model employed calls for businesses to also be created so that inhabitants may find work and income as well as enjoy daily life activities. These must run the gamut from local eateries and other such retail and support services to more advanced businesses and light manufacturing.

The modern term, “mixed-use development communities,” refers to the historic pattern of human settlements in their natural condition. Residential (apartments, townhouses, individual homes) industrial, institutional (schools, hospitals, places of worship), shopping, entertainment areas (parks, soccer fields, playgrounds) are combined within walking distance for ease and cost reduction/profit enhancement. Many of these communities are also bicycle friendly. This type of development would be well suited for returning refugees because it provides for most human needs in one place, fosters a sense of community and connection to others. For example, laundromats where women may congregate with attached playrooms for the youngest children would contribute to the well-being of the family in several important ways.

Eco-friendly beehive homes are found across the Syrian landscape and have been keeping desert families cool for centuries. However, beehive dwellings have dark interiors due to a lack of windows. A small opening at the very top of the dwelling which allows heat and smoke to escape provides very little light.

There is a modern building process called rammed earth that is economical, allows for windows, can be used in at least 2 story construction, does not need to be painted, the materials utilized for interior and exterior walls are available locally and it is a visually beautiful product. Electricity and plumbing fittings can be readily placed within the walls. And upon completion, this modern, natural housing would be environmentally attractive, physically comfortable and comforting to a traumatized people.

Another option is modified (windows and standard housing doors added) shipping containers. With the initial re-settlements being on the coast and near Syria’s main shipping ports, containers may be a very practical form of housing as well. Containers will need to be cleaned and painted, adding to the cost, but they are weather resistant. Desert rooftop cooling systems, such as those used on desert military bases, would be necessary. Their maintenance is low cost with minimal tools required. Containers are readily stackable using cranes and can easily be used to create more than satisfactory apartments or even individual homes.

Wooden shipping pallets are easily turned into tables and benches for interiors. With waterproof camping pads (which are also insect resistant) placed on top and a blanket they may be used as sleeping pallets.

Manufacturing buildings are of particular importance, for the people to engage in development and productivity at the earliest moment possible.

Along with the economic activity, a plan must be put in place to secure property rights for all inhabitants, so that the power of capitalism can be unleashed, and growth, further development, and restoration of culture can root and take off on its own.

Going beyond robust property rights, low taxation for stable collection and the responsible creation of local government is critical. Corruption must be, if not abolished, discouraged aggressively. Public safety policing is necessary and must be led by refugees themselves for integrity and acceptance. Even when the number of such restorative communities is small, it will set a new tone for the future of the nation more broadly. This combination of robust property rights, low and fair taxation and the stabilization of a growing economy create the basis for a stable, high-value currency broadly throughout the nation.

For any of these economic directions to be viable, training and re-training will be absolutely critical. Economic and technical training facilities to provide for this need will be constructed as soon as housing has been provided and the first people arrive.

Shipping containers that have been cleaned and modified with windows and doors and swamp coolers can be used, at least initially, for school classrooms. One-half of the 4.8 million registered refugees are children. Presently 5 out of 10 children are out of school. That number may be even higher among the returning refugees as education has not held the priority that it normally has in Syrian life. Enrollment in schools outside of Syria often requires legal registration status and school fees, books/materials are certainly tertiary to the obvious priorities of housing and food. Also, many older children have had to find employment to add to their families’ incomes, meager as they are. In neighboring countries and in Europe, even living in tents often requires fees to be paid.

Clearly, this is an enormous problem for Syria as the refugees arrive home. Schools have been damaged in the bombings. In the coastal area, where the refugees will locate until the country is safe for them to travel to their home cities, or possibly remain and establish themselves, thousands of children will need to be educated. If the children’s educations are neglected, Syria will be dealing with an uneducated populace in the future, from which many more serious problems would arise. To avoid that pitfall, children need to be in school until 14 years of age, minimum. Of course, Syrian parents, most of whom value education highly, would prefer their children to complete high school and move on to higher education.

Vocational schools for older students and for re-training adults are highly recommended. Skilled workmen will be needed to rebuild Syria and move it forward, eventually into the 21st century.

An early business that will be needed, for efficient supply, is an Amazon-style distribution center, allowing a leapfrog to modern logistics and online access, as well as efficient delivery. This one business alone will be a model for other communities and for the entire nation as it reverts from a state of war to a state of peace and looks toward the future.

That vision, the vision of a new Syria arising, rebuilt and restored, will be rooted in the minds and hearts of the people, and will rapidly spread throughout the nation as a source of hope and optimism.

Paul E Vallely
MG, US Army (Ret)
Chairman, Stand Up America/Glacial Forum
Chairman – Legacy National Security Advisory Group
Chairman – Syrian Liaison Group
[email protected]
Web/Blog: www.standupamericaus.org
Skype: paulvallely

Pasquale (Pat) Scopelliti

Paul E Vallely MG, US Army (Ret)
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