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New Healthcare Infrastructure #VetsForTrump

For years one of my many jobs was to teach aircrew decontamination in a chemical/biological environment. During the doffing process (after potential exposure) we set up two lines. One was for people who had been swabbed and tested positive for contamination. The...

Fiscal Responsibility ~ Who IS Responsible?

My Brothers and Sisters, I write to you today about a subject that is largely being ignored today, not because it isn’t important, but rather because it is such a frightening issue. The public debt is the frightening issue that I’m talking about. At the national...


As you all know, I seldom share things from Facebook. However, this one made me laugh so hard I had tears in my eyes. If you are the sensitive type don't read it. It can get moderately graphic. Due to the current financial situation caused by the Corona Virus and...

People Before Politics #VetsForTrump

We are living in times that are disquieting and terrifying. Old school politicians whose careers elevated their economic and political position think that the American people are dumb. They are always voicing biased opposition towards the President. Thank God we have...

Death is Inevitable #VetsForTrump

I am writing this about 90 minutes before President Trump speaks today, 16 Apr 20. As President Trump rolls out a path to open our economy there will be death. This is sad but true regardless of who makes the call. It could be a governor of a state or any previous or...

Dan Meuser #VetsForTrump

This is from a friend and Congressman on the Veterans Affairs Committee, Dan Mueser. I thought I would share it as I've been busy helping my clients during this time of crisis. Excerpted for brevity: First of all, Happy Easter and Happy Passover. Despite these...

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