Trump Protesters Stiffen Trump Supporters Resolve

Trump Protesters Stiffen Trump Supporters Resolve

Protesters only stiffen our resolve.

Dr Keith Ablow pointed out something very interesting.

Donald Trump is very plainspoken. And, he does intend to change things. And if we thought that change would come without any disruption that’s not going to happen. Because Barack Obama promised to give this country away, to dissolve its borders, to weaken it, and people got used to that. And they figured they could have what they want and there wouldn’t be any rules. And when you try to discipline people and reinstate a country people are going to object if they’ve been infantilized.

The keyword that caught my attention was infantilized. That simply means treated like babies. I immediately thought, he is dead on right! I’m 58 and a Veteran with over 22 years service. You tend to forget how coddled many people are. There is no room in the military for that kind of treatment. It is so foreign to those who served we have a tendency to forget about the civilian world. I was also toughened up by spending 4 years in a boys home for kids from broken homes. No coddling went on there either. You learned to put on your “big boy pants” and work from morning till night.

I don’t wish my life on anyone else. It was not all bad but it was tough. Now that I’m an old guy I look back on the work ethic and discipline with appreciation. This is often missing from our society today.

  • Kids are taught or allowed to develop a sense of entitlement.
  • Kids are taught or allowed to misbehave.
  • Kids are taught or allowed to believe the world owes them.

In the same way the government has presented itself as the enabling parent. The more the government does for the people the less self sufficient they become.

When someone like Trump emerges the coddled youth (and others) protest. The government has treated the citizens like children by being too permissive in giving them things. It is only natural that people will protest when someone points out that ANY person that is here illegally is breaking the law! It is natural by definition but there are many who cannot see that plain truth.

We need to elect Donald Trump before this country gets any worse!

Is Donald Trump a Misogynist?

Is Donald Trump a Misogynist?

During a political season there is a lot of propaganda to go around. Articles written by one side or the other abound to try to convince you of one thing or another. Both sides do it. I learned a long time ago to dig deeper when I see things that appear to be over the top.

One great example is that Trump is anti women. If the truth was highly publicized he would have much higher support by women. That would not make for great TV news. It is boring to point out that Trump is more than fair when it comes to women in the workplace.

I first asked myself why his family supports him if he is really a misogynist? I then asked myself why women are not coming forward with accusations about him  like they did Herman Cain?

The people who worked with and for Trump, not people who hear things and get offended, have not come forward. Nobody is saying he is perfect but it appears he has promoted women in his organization to a higher degree than anyone previously thought.

Here is an article telling the good and the bad about women and Trump. I was surprised to find it. This is NOT written by someone supporting Trump. It is written by a women and Senior Editor at the Washington Post.

On top of that, the video below shows Trump in action. Can you imagine a misogynist and a racist hiring a Black Woman, let alone returning a kiss on the cheek?

Cruz and Kasich Team Up?

These two heads are NOT better than one.

By now we’ve all heard that Cruz and Kasich are teaming up to try and hold Trump below the needed 1237 delegates. This just shows how weak those two candidates are. It is also going to be highly embarrassing for these two candidates.

Imagine if you were playing a sport like Tennis and two players on one side teamed up to defeat one player on the other side and could not do it. This is just going to show how strong Trump is.

The Wall Will Save Lives & More

The Wall Will Save Lives & More

On the subject of the Wall, Trump is not the first person to bring it up. It was even passed by the House and Senate and signed by the President but was never completed. At that time both Democrats and Republicans passed it. It passed by 80 to 19 in the Senate and 238 to 138 in the House. The reason given for not fulfilling the Law was lack of funds.

So, when Donald Trump says he will get Mexico to pay for it proves several things about Trump. He knows what he is talking about, he knows what the problem is and he is offering a solution that NOBODY else ever thought to try.

The Wall will save lives both Mexicans and Americans. In addition it will save tens of thousands of Mexican and South American women and children from human trafficking.

If you are a Veteran who has spent their life in the service of others I’m sure you will agree the Wall is worth building. This is NOT a racial thing. It helps women, children and families in both countries.

Is Trump a Racist or Bigot?

Despite what your liberal friends and media have said about Mr. Trump he is not a racist or bigot. What are the reasons the media and your friends say or think this? The chief reasons I have heard are because he wants legal immigration and to protect America from Islamic terrorists.

So, what is racist about either of those things? Nothing. Being for legal immigration is not racist. Since most illegal immigrants come from south of the border and most of those people are hispanic then liberals deduce this to be racist. If illegal immigration was coming mainly from Canada and we wanted to stop it would that be racist? No but we would want to stop it all the same.

Are we being infiltrated by Christian or Buddhist terrorists? No. Is it wrong to identify the Muslim community as something to be concerned about? No If we were being infiltrated by Buddhist terrorists (an oxymoron) we would be keeping an eye on that group. While many Muslims are peace loving some are not. Among the 1.6 billion Muslims in the world there are those who give tacit approval of tactics used by Muslim terrorists.

According to Pew Research 7% of American Muslims believe that suicide bombings are sometimes justified. Looking at Muslim countries that rate climbs to a huge percentage of the population. With no other way to identify who is and is not our enemy we are left with few options. Reducing overall Muslim immigration into America is reasonable for our own protection. It is not saying all Muslims are bad by any stretch of the imagination. However, it is understanding that if terror is going to come to us it is going to come to us via a good percentage of foreign Muslims.

At the time our forefathers expressed their support for freedom of religion Islam was mostly at peace with other religions. Would they think the same today? Do you want this coming here?

Bottom Line: Donald Trump has not been accused by anyone who knows him personally of being a racist or a bigot. Don’t you think the media could find these people who know him and report on it? 

Introduction to Veterans for Trump

This site began 20 Apr 16. As a Veteran, I support Trump for President.

Let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way. Yes, Donald Trump has said some things in his race against 16 opponents that many consider over the top. Chief among them for Veterans were his comments on John McCain. However, I want to be quick to remind people that McCain was attacking Trump over his immigrations stance and calling his supporters “craziesbefore that. So put that aside.

Donald Trump is extremely supportive of Veterans. We have thousands of dead and wounded. We cannot do anything about our dead but we can and should help our wounded as well as all Vets.

I also like the idea Donald Trump has in relation to getting foreign countries we protect to fund things. For example, there is no reason oil-rich countries should get freedom and protection for free. Remember the old saying “Freedom isn’t Free.

I have temporarily linked this website to a couple Facebook and Twitter pages that are Veterans supporting Trump. If you are associated with one please contact us so we can list your page Join us here and Post your thoughts and comments if you want to express your support for Trump.


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