Why Does Bernie Stay In The Race?

Why Does Bernie Stay In The Race?

Hillary appears to be the best the Democrats can come up with this cycle. The two top contenders are a personable Socialist and someone under investigation by the FBI. What does this say about the Democratic Party in general?

FBI investigation is no small matter. I don’t care how you slice it. Hillary likes to say it is a “security inquiry” while the director of the FBI says he does not even know what that means. He says the FBI does investigations, not security inquiries.

“It’s in our name. I’m not familiar with the term ‘security inquiry,’”

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2016/05/11/fbi-director-disputes-hillarys-claim-that-email-probe-is-just-a-security-inquiry/#ixzz49VFiD9qo

Here is another quote:

“We don’t do these because we’re curious,” said Ellen Glasser, a retired FBI special agent who worked on cases regarding mishandled classified information. “There’s a potential that a criminal violation took place.”

This FBI Investigation is only about the Clinton emails. This does not yet appear to be about the Clinton Foundation. However, that could be coming.

There are only two possible outcomes for Hillary:

First is she could be exonerated of any “legal” wrongdoing. To reasonable people this should not matter. Even if her actions cannot be considered illegal it does show carelessness and incompetence at the very least. Don’t forget Clinton sent over 2,000 classified emails using her private server. Over 22 of these emails were Top Secret or above. Yes, there is an “above” Top Secret category.

Second is she could be referred to the Justice Department. Even if the Justice Department fails to go forward I predict the Democrats will have little choice but to put up Sanders.

Now you know why Bernie is staying in it. It is not complicated.

How far we have come from the old saying “Better Dead Than Red.” How does that make you feel as a Veteran?

Another Reason to be Afraid of a Trump Presidency

Another Reason to be Afraid of a Trump Presidency

I am a small business owner and retired military. I was recently on the phone with a friend, Brigadier General, Type 1 Each. (Inside joke) I always wondered why he remembered me so well. The Wing was around 2,000 strong and there were many who had routine interaction with him on a daily basis. I was NOT one of those people. In an email I asked how the heck he remembered so much about me. Here is a partial quote from his reply. “I just knew who got things done despite the overhead bureaucracy. You were one of those people. I always gravitated to those who could make “stuff” happen.

I’m not pointing this out to brag (OK, maybe just a little). I served from 1980 till 2002. This period of time contained some of the largest cut backs and base closings in US military history. We had to work smarter. The problem was along with the base closings and manpower cut backs there was NO reduction in our Operating Instructions, methods for completing tasks or expectations from our country.

If you are going to do more with less you have to change the how or how much. When I started my own business I realized how different a profit making business was from a Government Job. You have to be efficient or go out of business. You have to be smart in so many ways or go out of business. You have to take complete responsibility for your actions because you are now at the top of the food chain.

Donald Trump comes from the business owner point of view on a much larger scale than I do. If I “get it” don’t you think he gets it? If you are a Government employee sitting there watching porn or doing nothing productive all day BE AFRAID of a Trump Presidency. Be very afraid. You may have to really work for the first time in a long time.

There is a God – Rowanne Brewer Lane

There is a God – Rowanne Brewer Lane

This morning Rowanne Brewer Lane appeared on FOX News to assure Donald Trump “There is  a God” when defending Mr. Trump against lies the New York Times told about her experience with him.

I was dismayed at the response on Outnumbered, another FOX News show. They pointed out that this is only 1 woman out of many. I guess they do not realize it has only been 2 days since the article was released. There are probably a hundred reasons people might have for never stepping forward to correct the record.

The article says 50 were interviewed over 6 weeks. The Times does not mention at the top that many had good things to say about Mr. Trump. Example:

Several women who have held positions of power within the Trump Organization in recent years said they had never known Mr. Trump to objectify women or treat them with disrespect.

“I think there are mischaracterizations about him,” said Jill Martin, a vice president and assistant counsel at the company. Ms. Martin said Mr. Trump had enthusiastically supported her decision to have two children over the past five years, even when it meant working from home and scaling back on business travel.

“That’s hard with women lawyers,” she said. “For me, he’s made it a situation where I can really excel at my job and still devote the time necessary for my family.”

The quote above is around 3 quarters into a very long article. Most will never read down that far.

In many Posts I write I remind people that I belonged to military unit that broadcasted propaganda. While I was not involved in propaganda directly I certainly picked up on a few things over 23 years of service.

Trust me when I tell you that one of the techniques is to prioritize your point of view by putting it at the top of an article or broadcast. This sets the tone for everything else. Few people today have the attention span to read more than 500 words. That is one reason I keep my posts under that.

The bottom line is you cannot trust the NY Times as a news source.

Glaring Error on WikiPedia – Did A Socialis Write This?

Glaring Error on WikiPedia – Did A Socialis Write This?

I decided to look up the definition of Socialism so I could author a quick post with references for young people. It occurred to me the average person under 50 does not understand the classical meaning of the word. I noticed a “glaring” error on WikiPedia near the very top of their article. It is the difference between who controls the means of production, the Government or Democratic control. So, I decided to look up other references. Apparently WikiPedia is using the definition for Democratic Socialism under Socialism. It made me wonder if a Socialis wrote this article.

A little further investigation proved I was not imagining this change in terms. I will be brief. Here is the quote from WikiPedia on Socialism. Notice I underlined in red a screenshot from my Google search.

Socialism is a range of economic and social systems characterised by social ownership and democratic control of the means of production

Even at Dictionary.com does not get it right. It does in the excerpt on a Google search (see featured image) but when you click to read it does not show the Google Excerpt until you scroll way down. The first definition your read uses the same words as WikiPedia.

Webster is the only one that gets it right. They also get it right at the very top.

We are NOT talking about Democratic Socialism at this point. What we are able to see is WikiPedia and Dictionary.com both want to favor the swapping out of Socialism to mean Democratic Socialism.

I will conclude by stating Democratic Socialism is little different from Government Controlled Socialism. In Democratic Socialism the “have nots” simply vote in people to represent them. All countries have more poor and middle class voters than they do upper middle class and rich. The tables will always tilt towards the confiscation of prosperity from those who have earned it. Typically the ones who prosper under any type of Socialism are Government workers and their Cronies. Makes me think of how the Clinton Foundation is run.

I think it is time for a history lesson rather than a revision of historic meanings.

Are You In A Propaganda Echo Chamber?

Are You In A Propaganda Echo Chamber?

Echo Chamber From the Urban Dictionary: A person who totally, obsequiously agrees with everything another person says.

If you have a wide circle of friends on Facebook you probably encounter friends with all sorts of political views. I have a tendency to seek out those with a point of view opposite of my own. I like to  understand where people are coming from. I also like to be challenged on why I believe what I do.

Recently I noticed two of my friends on FB were really angry at Trump and Trump supporters. Of course, I could not resist. I usually find items that are pure one sided propaganda. I then throw in a link to present a counter to that point of view or a link to the truth. Often times the friend or their friend leaps in and answers with more illogical ranting or more links to websites that are at the very least one sided. This of course leads to another counter link or explanation of how logic works. Very soon they get it and reply with more anger which only makes them seem less intelligent.

I was in a unit that broadcast propaganda as one of the main missions. As an AGR i was assigned to that unit for just under 23 years. I became very interested in propaganda and how it works. It is now so easy to spot. I then became a Christian and ended up in a church lead by one of the nation’s foremost apologetics experts. I learned a lot from good old Dr. Robert Morey.

As a student of debate and logic it is easy for me to destroy left wing propaganda. The left has a tendency to focus on emotion rather than reason. I never use bad language and try to educate people on FB. It is hard to do this without hurting their feelings. Once they are exposed to the truth, logic or a counter point of view they flip out.

One person I worked with (I’ve been retired 14 years) is still serving. She finally got so worked up over a 2 week period she told me she did not want me to comment anymore. I guess it was shredding her inner beliefs but she could not admit it. You could tell her emotions were running high. I tried to remind her of the one thing I learned in the military that helps a lot during stressful times. Emotion eradicates skills. If you are emotionally invested in a point of view and it freaks you out to hear another point of view you cannot win an argument or think clearly.

In the end I suggested if she wanted to live in an Echo Chamber then she should simply unfriend me. Her frustration reminded me of these young people in college who cannot stand hearing an opposing point of view. They say they need a “safe place” to be educated. WOW, that has changed since I was young. We prided ourselves on our ability to understand all points of view. You did not have to agree with it but you should always try to understand it.

Bottom line, if you are for Trump try not to live in an echo chamber. Both sides can be guilty of this. Get out there and challenge and be challenged. Always do  your research. Don’t surround yourself with people who agree with you. If you are right you should be able to defend your point of view with facts or plausible counter arguments.

Watching Cruz Today – Now I Remember with Clarity

Watching Cruz Today – Now I Remember with Clarity

It is after 4PM and I’m catching Ted Cruz on the news being interviewed in Washington. During the interview he was asked several times about supporting Trump.

Each time Ted said he trusted the American people to make the right call. That is NOT the question. He spun away on other questions as well.

Now I remember with clarity one of the reasons I did not support Ted and do support Trump. Cruz, Clinton  and many others spin and spin. Donald Trump may meander when he gives an answer but at least he doesn’t obfuscate!

The Fatal Flaw – I Told You So!

The Fatal Flaw – I Told You So!

I’m posting this because I want to be able to say “I told you so” when Trump wins.

I just caught the news. They were pointing out that Hillary (or her superpac) is using Trump’s Republican opponents words against him in a new advertisement.

Let me ask a simple question. If the words spoken by Trump’s opponents caused them to lose the nomination what makes Hillary think using their words will help her win?

This is the fatal flaw in the thinking of all those who have come against Trump.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

That saying is going to come into play more times than you think this election season. It is one of the main reasons Trump has won and will win. We’ve been trying the same thing over and over expecting different results. INSANITY!

OK, I told you so. Note the date time stamp on this post.

The Smartest Guy In Politics Slams Speaker Ryan & Others

The Smartest Guy In Politics Slams Speaker Ryan & Others

It might only an opinion but Speaker Gingrich has always impressed me as the smartest guy in politics. I always wonder what would have happened if Newt would have beat Romney in 2012. Newt was pushed out by many of the same establishment people that are now against Trump. Newt would also make another fine VP or at the very least a full time consultant on getting things done. Newt was the one who spearheaded the Contract with America. If you need a refresher click here.