Some Interesting Statistics – Peter Kirsanow – Black Attorney on Police Shootings & More

Some Interesting Statistics – Peter Kirsanow – Black Attorney on Police Shootings & More

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The uproar over police and the NFL is a very emotional issue for both sides of the debate. If you are very emotional you may want to brace yourself before reading and watching the video in this post. I should first emphasize that nobody in their right mind is saying racism does not exist. That includes white, black and other racial groups of police officers. Add to that there are plainly bad police officers that are not motivated by racism. When I was young I watched a police officer stand by while a young girl was smacked around by a children’s home administrator. I also witnessed a police officer bash my own brother in the mouth with a large flashlight for no apparent reason. That was back in the 1970’s and I doubt things have changed much.

I should first emphasize that nobody in their right mind is saying racism does not exist. That includes white, black and other racial groups of police officers. Add to that there are plainly bad police officers that are not motivated by racism. Later in life, I got to know three police officers very well on a personal level. They were all three great guys! No, all police officers are not racist or bad. The vast majority are outstanding people. I would not want to be one. The abuse and danger they face every day is not something many people would want.

Our experience with the police is very subjective. Maybe you have been pulled over for speeding or worse. Maybe you have been in trouble and needed the help of the police. Our subjective experience with the police is not an indication of the facts. As a friend of mine likes to say, “nothing matters until it becomes personal.” We tend to focus on the subjective things rather than the objective truth.

One of the principles of our country is freedom and justice for all. This is a goal but is not 100% achievable. It is something we need to remain focused on and ever vigilant to correct when we see it going astray. By and large, the military and police are given the charge of defending people from oppression and injustice. I would not stand by and watch someone treated unfairly if it was in my power to prevent it. I do not tolerate racist people in my personal life. Happily I only ever met two that I can recall. That is not many since I worked with hundreds if not thousands of people in my 60 years.

The below YouTube segment of Peter Kirsanow on Tucker Carlson is probably the most important news segment of this decade. Peter mentions subjective and objective truth. I love that! You are more likely to be killed by a black police officer if you are black. If the proportion of violent crime committed by a certain race was equal then many, many more blacks would be killed by police. Peter also explains why you are more likely to be suspected of a crime by police if you are black while admitting that in a nation of 300 plus million people there will be racists. I add there will be racists in all racial groups. I don’t like it and would not personally stand for a racist acting that way in my presence. However, I understand things better now.

Before someone questions this black attorney’s statistics take a look at the statistics for 2013 in NYC below.

Last year, 97% of all shooting victims were black or Hispanic and reside in low-income neighborhoods, – Read full story

Here are the murder and manslaughter rates for NYC for 2016. Sadly, the stats are not much different. Note: The rape and other sex crime stats are about the same percentage. Click here for the full report.

The stats remain about the same for 2008 thru 2016. Click here to see links to each year directly from the NYPD.

Of course, racism exists but it pales in comparison to black on black crime. Before we blame poverty we need to ask, why is it more white people live in poverty but do not commit the same proportional violent crimes by percentage? If racism is the reason for black people getting shot by police, why is it a higher percentage of black police officers shoot black suspects? These are serious questions for black people to talk about with each other.


I’m sorry, being a Steelers fan all my life

I’m sorry, being a Steelers fan all my life

This is copied from a Facebook post by James Raifsnider. I thought it worth posting. I especially like Jim’s final statement:

With every like and every share, they will only be counted as a proudly extended middle finger to anyone who disrespects our great flag, anthem, great Nation, and the fallen who have given their lives building and protecting Her.

I’m sorry, being a Steelers fan all my life, I am beyond ashamed and disgusted at my (former) team. Deciding to hide in the locker room, disguised as not wanting to make a statement, or get involved in the conflict, still made a statement that dishonored our flag and anthem. One brave player stands up for his rights, then gets pressured to apologize for his actions? He apologizes for honoring his flag and Country?

At the heart of this issue is Liberalism. It destroys everything it touches. As players are screaming for “unity”, you need to understand they are not asking for unity, they are asking you to agree and unify with them, not find common ground and come together. They are asking you to identify with and hold the same beliefs as they do.

The NFL is asking you to agree that Police are murderous thugs. They are not. Brave men and women are gunned down in cold blood in Dallas, and the NFL says no to honoring the fallen. They clearly do not want a narrative that says Police are a vital part of any society to catch fire.

Liberalism asks you to ignore that one of the highest crime demographics is Black on Black crime. They ask you to ignore that Black fetuses are aborted more than others.

They are asking you to believe that black people are marginalized, and will never get ahead. Never mind the fact that we have had a Black President, a Black First Lady, a Black Secretary of State, Black Congressmen and Black Congresswomen, Black Senators, Black Governors, Black Mayors, Black Surgeons, Black Sports Stars, Black Movie Stars etc….yet they continue asking you to ignore the facts, and only support the narrative that they define, or else you are a racist. This all has been in a Country that they call oppressive?

Liberalism is to blame. This same liberal logic that demanded government involvement to change the name of the Redskins, now says Trump should keep his mouth shut when commenting about honoring our flag and Country.

The sooner you realize that Liberalism is driven by hatred for everything and anyone who has made this country great, the sooner you will understand what is going on here.

NFL, you poked at us, now you get the response of those who know the value of our great Country.

With every like and every share, they will only be counted as a proudly extended middle finger to anyone who disrespects our great flag, anthem, great Nation, and the fallen who have given their lives building and protecting Her.

NFL No Future Left

Not Jim’s image. Just thought it would be appropriate

Kneeling and the NFL

Kneeling and the NFL

U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Tiffany Robinson, assigned to 449th Air Expeditionary Group, kneels in front of a battlefield cross following a Memorial Day ceremony at Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti, May 26, 2014. The cross was created with combat gear representing each of the five U.S. military branches, in commemoration of fallen service members. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Eric R. Dietrich/Released)

In most cases, kneeling is a sign of submission, humility, and reverence. Less common reasons are fatigue, crawling, and some others. When I see a sports person kneeling during the National Anthem all I can think is it is for one of the first three reasons. They are not fatigued or crawling. Could it be the case the people kneeling are so humbled by their freedom they can’t stand? No, but that is how we might want to start viewing it and even promoting it. If we keep pointing this out maybe, just maybe, we can change the narrative.

If we would have started out by ignoring what players were saying and pointing out how humbled they must be to live in America it could have nipped this in the bud.

Not So Crazy After All

Not So Crazy After All

Just a real quick post. Apparently, President Trump is or was not so crazy by saying he was wiretapped by the Obama administration. At the end of this short article Clapper is quoted as saying “I wouldn’t want to go there, but I will say it’s possible,” Clapper said.

I’m the kind of person who asks questions. Lots of them. The first thing I ask is why Clapper would say that? Why would he not want to go there? Is it because he knows it is true but can’t admit it? Does he mean he would not want to assert that it is true but just possible? This is one of those obfuscations politicians and deep state people are known for. He knows darn well what it means to America. It means President Trump is telling the truth and the Obama Administration are lying through their teeth.

On another note, who is Samantha Power to make over 200 unmasking requests?

Three of the nation’s intelligence agencies received subpoenas in May explicitly naming three top Obama administration officials: Former national security adviser Susan Rice, Brennan and Power. Records were requested for Ben Rhodes, then-President Barack Obama’s adviser, but the documents were not the subject of a subpoena.

According to the article, Samantha Power also had a seat on the National Security Council under President Obama. I can see having a seat but NOT have authority to make unmasking requests. If she really needed to know something why not have her go to a member of the National Security Council with that specific authority. Just doesn’t make sense to me.

MY GOD!! Is this what we have come to? It appears to me we have a fabricated political move that is worse than Watergate. It is about time we put this whole Russia thing to rest and start investigating the previous administration.

We veterans are going to vote for President Trump again in 2020 if he runs. I will also bet a lot of Americans will do so simply because they have had enough of the Left trying to take over America.

MSgt Mike Kelly
Part of the Alt Center

For the First Time I Am Proud of my Country!

For the First Time I Am Proud of my Country!

No, this is not a reiteration of Michelle Obama’s infamous words. These are the words of a Democrat who previously did not think highly of President Trump. She also related to me that she logged into her email which shows MSNBC’s homepage and the headline read “Trump threatens to destroy North Korea and Rocket Man.” The problem was she had just watched the speech and realized the headline was out of context.

This was a great victory for me and her. I’ve been talking with her about the way the news distorts things. It is often done for money. The more sensational a headline or story is the more eyeballs you get on the web page or TV network. This bottom lines at their ability to charge more to advertisers. The other reason is ideology. If it isn’t clear by now that the majority of so-called news networks are actually an arm of the Democratic Party it never will be. Maybe I should modify that to say the arm of the failed political establishment. It really does not matter if it is motivated by either political party. The problem is the so-called “educated class” still doesn’t get it.

For all of President Trump’s inexperience in politics, if you cut through the hyperbole, there is real substance. The kind of real substance America has never seen before. The typical politician has learned things I learned in counter-interrogation. That being to obfuscate your answer and speak in generalities. In every political campaign, the opponent is just waiting for their adversary to slip up verbally. President Trump doesn’t really give a rats ass about that. It gives him the opportunity to point out what he has termed as “fake news.”

I had advised this Democrat to listen to a speech by President Trump and then immediately pause the news channel carrying the speech. Don’t listen to the talking heads until you have formed your own opinions about what was just said. When we do this we often realize what was just said was not meant the way talking heads try to get us to see it.

I am reminded of an old poster that was very popular in my youth that read:

“ I know you think you understand what you thought I said but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant”

Are we really so ill-educated that we need to have what was just plainly said spoon fed back to us by commentators? I admit that I do like hearing the views of people who agree and differ with me. I even think there is a place for commentary on the news. What I do not think is good for America is the speed with which those commentaries are broadcast, the twisting and taking out of context words by the commentators and the lack of challenge to one-sided views.

There is so much pressure to be the first to say something it does not give the average person time to digest what was just said. There are all kinds of people on TV News that should not be there. Think about the radical one-sided commentator’s many TV News stations bring on. It is one thing to bring them on a program to show how silly they are. It is quite another thing to give them a serious platform and not challenge them.

Working with the Other Side

Working with the Other Side

The talk this week is all about President Trump reaching out to Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. I’m sure there are varying views of this in the veteran community. I want you all to feel free to comment on my opinion. The keyword here is opinion. We are all entitled to our own and I do not want anyone to construe that I speak for the entire Vets for Trump community.

Here is how I see it. President Trump had a set of campaign policy subjects. These are in no particular order of importance.

  1. National Security
  2. Health Care
  3. Tax Reform
  4. Veterans issues
  5. Infrastructure
  6. Immigration
  7. Trade

I do not know about you but a long time ago I realized what any candidate says and what they are able to accomplish are two very different things. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to hear a candidate say they will “try” to do this or that rather than they “will” do this or that? I really wonder if a political candidate could win an election by being this straightforward with the American people. I currently have my doubts but maybe someday it will be possible.

We all instinctually know (or should) that any President has limited authority. Without the assistance of the House and Senate, Presidents are limited to those things that fall within their purview, like Executive Orders, appointments, granting pardons, submitting budgets, making recommendations and proposals to Congress, serving as Commander in Chief, signing or vetoing legislation etc. See more here.

I believe we should stop thinking along party lines. Simply belonging to a political party polarizes our nation. My two best friends call themselves Democrats but have little in common with the Democratic Party platform. They are both reasonable and fairly conservative individuals. One feels the Democrats will do a better job on health care and the other feels the Democrats will do a better job on the environment. It is only these two issues that cause my two friends to call themselves Democrats. In all other areas, we have explored, our opinions are almost the same.

In George Washington’s Farwell Address he acknowledges the fact that parties are sometimes beneficial in promoting liberty in monarchies, but argues that political parties must be restrained in a popularly elected government because of their tendency to distract the government from their duties, create unfounded jealousies among groups and regions, raise false alarms among the people, promote riots and insurrection, and provide foreign nations and interests access to the government where they can impose their will upon the country.

Click here for more from Wikipedia.

Most clear thinking Americans realize the words of George Washington have proven themselves out today. Let’s look at his warnings line by line again and ask the question:

  1. Is our government distracted from their duties?
  2. Are there unfounded jealousies among groups and regions?
  3. Are there false alarms among the people?
  4. Have there been riots and are people now fearful of insurrection?
  5. Have foreign governments seized the opportunity to both overtly and covertly impose their will on the United States?

I’m not sure how you mark these in your mind but in my mind, all the things George Washington warned of have come to fruition. So, when President Trump reaches across the aisle to Pelosi and Schumer it is a good thing for America. If we disagree on 99 things and agree on 1 thing and make a deal, isn’t that progress? Do not fall victim to the fear mongering. The world as you know it isn’t coming to an end because a Republican President talks to Democratic representatives.

I welcome your comments. It is easy to comment on our website. There is no need to login or divulge your email address. You can simply comment and connect using your Social Media account! Go to the very bottom of the Post page.

A Brief History

A Brief History

March 2016 Tony Porta appeared on the Hannity show with then-candidate Donald Trump. It was at that time the term “Vets for Trump” got a huge national boost.

April 2016 I purchase the domain name because all other domains without hyphens were purchased. I invite veterans for Trump to join us by contacting them on their Social Media pages. I get one response from Joshua Macias. Joshua was from the Virginia Beach area. Josh introduced me to some of his contacts. I continue to post articles and start listing events Joshua sends.

July 2016 I receive an email from GOPVets at RNC Headquarters in Washington D.C. inviting me to a grassroots meeting. I attend the meeting. There are about 20 people including 3 from the Trump Campaign, Bikers for Trump, Citizens for Trump and some fellow veterans including Tony Porta as well as representatives from the RNC.

Tony Porta had postponed an operation to attend the RNC meeting. Afterwards Tony got his operation but almost died and was unable to continue as our National Spokesman. At that point, it was up to me (Mike Kelly) and Joshua to be the point men on the national level.

With only 3 months to election day, I realized it would have to be a purely Psychological Operation. Coming from a PsyOps unit but not involved directly in that aspect of the unit I was able to pull a few things off. We used our allies in the Social Media world to help spread the word. We soon became number 1 on Google for any search on Veterans or Vets for Trump. I authored well over 250 posts supporting candidate Trump, pointing out the flaws of Hillary Clinton and doing interviews along with Joshua. We also had about 60 articles presented by various contributors. These articles were syndicated throughout the social media world giving us a larger than life presence in the public eye.

During our time we only had 126 volunteers register. Of those 126 I was only able to communicate with a handful, mainly those who reached out to me after registering. If you are a registered member and we have never talked on the phone feel free to use the Contact form and let me know a good day and time.

We are keeping this website active until we see if President Trump will put himself and his family through a second term. I never intended to become the de facto leader of Vets for Trump but will do the best I can with the time I can devote.

Vets For Trump LogoPS When Candidate Trump became President Trump we changed the logo to indicate Victory. Hope you like the change.

Paul Mango Veteran for PA Governor

Paul Mango Veteran for PA Governor

Paul Mango has released his Plan for Pennsylvania. We all know how important Pennsylvania is when it comes to the nation’s political structure. If you know a fellow veteran living in PA let them know to support Paul. Paul is a West Point graduate, former Army Ranger, Harvard alumnus, and former Director at McKinsey and Co.

Paul does not have to do this. Like President Trump, he has invested in his own campaign. All veterans need to get behind Paul. Click here to download his extensive plan for Pennsylvania.

Why Does President Trump Call it Fake News??

Why Does President Trump Call it Fake News??

Mike Kelly and Joe Episcipo Trump TowersOn a recent trip from central PA to Chicago, I visited with a Vets for Trump friend, Joe Episcopo. We found ourselves near Trump Tower. We took a few pictures in front of the Real Fake art in front of Trump Tower before heading up to the 16th floor to check out the view. It is worth the visit. In part, the Real Fake art is the inspiration for this post.

We know that some segment of our population struggles with questions related to the term Fake News. Why would anyone distort the news? Why do I as the de facto national spokesman for Vets for Trump support President Trump on the subject? Who do you trust? These are all very good questions.

Here is my opinion. Notice the keyword is “opinion” and that is where we begin. When I was young we had about 1 hour of news per day. It was from 6 PM to 7 PM. Half an hour was for local news and half an hour was for world news. There was little to no time on television for opinion journalism let alone advocacy journalism. That was relegated to some Sunday shows and the editorial pages of a newspaper. For you younger readers, the internet and smartphones did not yet exist. Today we have multiple 24 hour TV & radio news stations as well as hundreds if not thousands of websites that appear to be news. We are not even talking about Social Media outlets. Those numbers are staggering. The competition for advertising dollars is enormous. 

Shortly after retiring from the Air Force I opened a web company that relied heavily on traffic to a website for revenue. The more traffic (visitors) the more money you can demand from advertisers. The same is true on TV, radio, and print. With that in mind, I will now try to answer the question(s).

Why would anyone distort the news?

  1. First and foremost I believe it is policy to keep advertising money coming in. Follow the money!
  2. The natural slant of the news organization.
  3. The opinions held by the particular person or panel delivering the news.
  4. The inability for the public to distinguish between hard news and opinion.

Why do I support President Trump calling out Fake News?

  1. Many older Americans received a quality education. The younger generation only gets it when you create a slogan that sticks with them like “Fake News.”
  2. Most of what presents itself as news is now opinion or advocacy journalism.
  3. In my opinion, it has recently slipped more towards advocacy journalism which is the worst kind of journalism. This is evidenced by the deepening divide in America before Candidate Trump announced.
  4. When Candidate Trump was seen as a real contender hard news journalists were showing more emotion than normal.
  5. Now that he is President Trump many in the so called Conservative Camp have turned against him. This is because he wants to “drain the swamp” and that means they may lose their jobs or special interest perks.
  6. I see a little of myself in President Trump, just a little. He is tired of excuses and being politically correct. The Media thinks they are in control and have wielded power for a long time. They have an obligation to be objective but obviously, have lost all objectivity with only a few exceptions.
  7. My list could go on and on but I’m going to stop here.

Who do you trust?

  1. God
  2. Nobody
  3. Yourself
  4. I guess it just depends on your outlook on life. Outside of God, I trust few people.

Last thought:

I hear some Conservative talking heads saying things like “There is the loyal Trump supporter whose mind you will never change.” Does that mean they want to change my mind? Does that mean they think my mind should be changed? The thing that bothers me about this statement is it seems degrading. It is not like I think the man is perfect. Who is? I see his shortcomings and say, so what? The economy is doing better than ever, our enemies fear us and I feel better about the future in general. Isn’t that more important than feeling all warm and fuzzy about the guy leading our nation? I want him to be one uncompromising person when it comes to America First. Sure, we have a heart for others but we Americans and Veterans are Family and I believe in Family First! You know President Trump loves his family. I believe he loves his country in a similar fashion. Not just loves but really Big League loves 🙂