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Federal Judge Rules Against Biden

The Texas Tribune reported that a Federal judge has temporarily stopped Biden's deportation stoppage. “Within 6 days of Biden’s inauguration, Texas has HALTED his illegal deportation freeze,” Texas Attorney General Paxton tweeted after the order. “*This* was a...

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The Trolley Dilemma – Oh No, Don’t Ask Me To Decide!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Sometimes called the Trolley Problem, this thought experiment helps us understand the moral or ethical dilemma decision-makers can face. Reading this may help you make clearer decisions when you vote for a set of policies. As a veteran, maybe you have been confronted with dilemmas. When is it right to fight or fire? What are the consequences of taking action or not taking action? How do you understand a lawful order? Below is a quick 1:38 second video that explains the Trolley Problem. There are many variations but this keeps it simple for now.

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ANTIFA Again? What Is Wrong With The Left?

As most of us who watch FOX or other actual news networks know, the ANTIFA thugs are at it again. While the Biden administration was focused on possible Trump supporters they completely missed the anti-American, anti-police, anti-everything ANTIFA riots. All this on...

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I Want To Believe

OK, so the day has finally arrived. The one we who served dreaded. The new administration will begin its dismantling of all the great progress made in the past four years. While Joe Biden and company will start to tear down things through immediate executive orders it...

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How to avoid Big Tech

In the coming months, we need to all thin about reducing our cyber footprint with Big Tech. This is what I do: I use Firefox for my browser (it's Linux-based, so has some quirks that are easily overcome).  For my search engine, I use the unpolitical rather...

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Isn’t It Ironic?

25,000 (or thereabouts) National Guard have been deployed to D.C. Those of us who follow right of center news understand the irony of it all. Therefore, this post is sent out to those who are left of center that have not thought about it. Over the summer the left was...

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Authors Wanted

Vets for Trump National is open to everyone. Veterans are also citizens and are concerned with the same things everyone is. Our main goal is to reach our fellow citizens who fall in the middle. If you are a veteran and would like to become an Author please contact us.

Someone will contact you in order to verify you are a veteran that supports President Trump. We will then set you up with an account after we receive your first article by email.

About Articles

Vets for Trump has several authors who write articles. We do not simply post memes although they can be included in articles. Thoughtful opinions and views are greatly appreciated. Our goal is to reach Independents since they are the ones who swing elections.

Articles should be between 200 and 500 words. Each article should have a Featured Image and we can show you how to add those to your Post.

We maintain full control of your postings. We reserve the right to edit them to correct spelling, grammar and remove content that we deem too offensive. If you want to post something that is a little “off-color” we do allow you to put these items in our Comments section. We believe in free speech. However, we also believe in maintaining credibility. Thanks for understanding.

Join the conversation

We know you would rather comment on Facebook or Twitter. The problem we have with that is just before the 2018 elections Twitter temporarily banned us. Facebook could do the same. We do not focus much on Social Media because we do not control it. You can comment right here but we know most will not.

If you want to comment you can do so at the bottom of any post. You can also view All Comments and find the one you want to reply to. Here are a few things you should know:

If you are a first-time commenter your comment will be held for moderation. After you have one approved comment you can comment without approval. Oh, and one more thing, if you add more than 3 off-site web links your comment will be held for moderation. Thanks for understanding.

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