This is a quick video discussion on the Biden documents. There isn’t much to say since the talking heads have already covered most of this.

I will not be a hypocrite. Some of what was true about classified documents when I posted about the Trump raid is true about Biden having classified documents. Click here for my post about classified documents.

Of course, there are differences. Trump was President and had broad authority to declassify documents. As Vice President Biden had authority under an Obama-era Executive Order. (corrected 16:36 EST on the date of posting) However, Biden never claimed to have declassified the documents in his possession. Therefore, the argument about his authority to declassify is not relevant.

I suspect all this has more to do with politics than National Security. What I find almost humorous is how statements made by politicians and the media do not age well. Sometimes I feel like I’m living in the Twilight Zone and guess I’m not alone.

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