We know there are a lot of people who come across this website. I’m sure some if not many are CIA, NSA, etc.  There are a lot of patriotic veterans and intel people. Like any organization, there are too many not so good and or misguided people. It seems to me the not so good people are coming out against President Trump using the weaknesses built into our reporting methods.

If you are one of the “good guys” and want to report the “bad guys” email us anonymously. Email us your story and if we think it is worthwhile we will post it with a disclaimer.

The email headers will contain an IP address. If you are extremely concerned about privacy go to a library, coffee shop or somewhere with a WIFI connection that is not related to your personal IP address.


Vets for Trump will not intentionally dox you! It's OK to disagree just be smart about it. Terms for comments

  • Comments containing non-sequitur statements, news articles or links, pasted in text, and distasteful opinions will be deleted or marked as SPAM. A non-sequitur is a statement (such as a response) that does not follow logically from or is not related to anything previously said in the author's post.
  • Note to Trolls: If you say negative things about Trump and then say you are voting for him you will be marked as a spammer unless you tell us why you are still voting for him despite your negative views.
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