Our national debt is almost 21.5 trillion dollars.
Our unfunded social security is 15 trillion dollars.
Our unfunded Medicare is 79 trillion dollars.
Our unfunded prescription drugs is almost 20 trillion dollars.
Our unfunded National Healthcare is 9 trillion dollars.
For a whopper of a total of 144.5 trillion dollars.

Yet we are watching today on the news that our congress is gonna bring legislation to make the FAA make airline seating space bigger!!!!!! Hello!
Just the national debt is $65,234.00 per American citizen.
Add the other unfunded stuff to that for another $374,000.00 per American citizen.
So we have let our politicians put every single one of us in debt at the amount of $444,234.00………… just because they know better than US?????
Maybe it’s time to
Just because we don’t fund it, doesn’t mean it isn’t a debt. It doesn’t mean we don’t owe it.
I think what the entire world is really afraid of is what happens when we take our country back from these crooks in office?
Maybe that’s why they want our guns?

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