Definition of intransigence

refusal to change one’s views or to agree about something.

intransigent adjective

Examples of intransigent in a Sentence.

She has remained intransigent in her opposition to the proposal.

President Trump grounding the Air Force flight to take Democrats overseas is a response to their intransigence.

This episode may remind us of our days as parents of teenagers.

Daughter: “I’m going to the Mall.”

Father: “How are you getting there?”

Daughter: “I’m taking the car.”

Father: “Not until you do your homework.”

Daughter: “That’s so unfair!”

Father: “You mean like you were the other day, not wanting me to talk to you in front of your friends?”

Daughter: “No, I’m going because mom wants me to pick up groceries on the way home!”

Father: “Like hell you are little lady! My keys, my car! Homework first!

Daughter: “You can’t stop me, I’m almost 18, I’m an adult!”

Father: “You are right but first you have to get a job and buy your own car!”

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