Scopelliti’s Dawn Analysis – New Lines – 27 October 2016

General Thoughts Today, instead of our 3 charts, we have 4. The second chart is the normal Trump Election Forecast. The third, is the same...
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America’s Security and the Veteran Voter Event

Special Operations Speaks & Vets in the Fight present: "America's Security and the Veteran Voter" With Lt Gen Tom McInerney, Roger...
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Clinton Campaign Manager Received Nearly 1 Million from Iraq – collusion and corruption at the highest levels of government.

The Podesta Group signed a contract this year to represent the government of Iraq for $960,000. This is collusion and corruption at the...
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Scopelliti’s Dawn Analysis – Can I Offer You Another Reversal, Please? – 26 October 2016

General Thoughts So Trump’s up again and Clinton down. How happy does that make a Trump supporter? VERY! But still, we need new formations...
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Scopelliti’s Dawn Analysis – New Formations? – 25 October 2016

General Thoughts I repeat, if you try it for yourself, charting is a sort of eerie art. You start out with two points, above or below,...
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Scopelliti’s Dawn Data October 25th Campaign Forecast

I repeat, if you try it for yourself, charting is a sort of eerie art. You start out with two points, above or below, resistance or support, as nothing more than a crazy theory. Then, you get a third point on that exact line. That’s weird. Weirder still is to care about such things. After a while, you get over the fact that you’re totally insane – to the degree one can – and you stop being surprised that you use terms like “force vectors” which are not welcome at most cocktail parties. And most of us nerds of this strange sort do NOT fit in well at cocktail parties!

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- OCTOBER 19 2016   We Believe That Donald Trump Is A Better Choice Than Hillary Clinton To Move Our Military In The Right Direction...
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Scopelliti’s Dawn Analysis October 24th Campaign Forecast

Scopelliti’s Dawn Analysis – When Triangles Break – 24 October 2016 General Thoughts Clinton has, for the moment, broken to the upside of...
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Election Day for Republicans Starts In:








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