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Vets for Trump National

We are the national combined Veterans for Trump website and blog. Vets for Trump gives veterans that support President Trump a platform to share their voices in support of the President on any and all topics. Click here to read more.

Vets for Trump is not the proper channel for resolving your individual issues as veterans. Click here.

Crushing Big Tech #VetsForTrump

Are you going to be guilty of Treason? You cannot provide...

Do Not Forget What Trump Did For Veterans #VetsForTrump

Here are the words from a fellow veteran, Doug...

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow veterans!

Hi All, just wanted to send a personal greeting to all my...

What were Trump’s top accomplishments in his first term? Anonymous Survey

Anonymous Survey. We are not collecting emails etc. No...

JP Sears On Civil War #VetsForTrump

One of the most often asked questions is if I think we are...

Why Donald Trump Deserved to Lose #VetsForTrump

One of my Dem friends dislikes "talking points" from both...

2020 Veterans Day #VetsForTrump

If you are like me you have been getting text messages, calls and etc. thanking us for our service. Great, but it looks like a slim majority of America really hates us & our country. Sorry if I'm bursting bubbles and coming across like a sourpuss. Even though we...

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Vets For Trump – Bail Fund When it became clear on election night that the Democrats were trying to steal the election, Vets for Trump activated our nationwide grassroots network of volunteers. We deployed volunteers into all toss-up states who could provide...

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Main Points - Trump was right!

  • Trump was right about voter fraud. See this lengthy article.
  • Trump was right on drug prices
  • Trump was right on China
  • Trump was right on Trade
  • Trump was right on Immigration
  • Trump was right to get NATO to pay their fair share
  • Trump was harder on Russia than any previous President since Reagan
  • Trump was right on how to fix the VA
  • Trump was right on how to take out ISIS
  • Trump was right on North Korea
  • Trump was right on Iran
  • Trump was right on Syria
  • Trump was right on how to lower unemployment
  • Trump was right on how to bring back manufacturing
  • Trump was right on the stock market