If Hillary Loses In November – We Told You So #SheFailsVets #HesForVets #Undecided Voter

A Hillary Clinton insider says she plans to “run out the clock” until election day. Democrats fear Wikileaks may provide...
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Veteran killed himself outside the Northport Veterans Affairs Medical Center #ReformTheVA @realDonaldTrump

Peter A. Kaisen, 76, of Islip, shot and killed himself outside the Northport Veterans Affairs Medical Center, where he had been a patient....
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Enjoying your socialized healthcare? #UndecidedVoter #SheFailsVets #HesWithVets

For anyone who still thinks socialized healthcare would be a nifty idea in the United States, rest assured, we already have it! It’s...
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Austin Rally

I went to the rally in Austin yesterday.  I met new friends and had a great and very humbling experience.  I wasn’t going to go.  I...
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10 Point VA Reform Review Panel – Friday 26 Aug from 5 PM to 9 PM – Virginia Beach

Pungo Military Aviation Museum – Click here for directions. Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456 Fugawi Motorcycle Club, EW Jackson, Live...
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When Is Enough Enough With Hillary?

The amounts involved, the favors done and the significant number of times it was done require an expedited investigation by a Special...
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Ironic – Don’t You Think? #UndecidedVoter

I was clicking through the new Zip App today. A question came up: Do you think it is ironic that we are running out of money under Social...
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I am a retired member of the Air Force who served for a period of time under “Slick Willie” and I shudder to think that...
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Stand together to prevent the Democrat protesters from compromising trumps conventions

Brothers and Sisters of the military/law enforcement/first responders We need to stand together to protect our new commander and chief as...
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Donald Trump was the first candidate to make Veterans and our friends in Law Enforcement a centerpiece of his campaign. Everyone else is a “cheap imitation” of his positions. As Veterans our focus was and is the defense of America and our interests. Donald Trump’s focus is the same. The defense of America is contingent on a strong economy, another centerpiece of the Trump campaign. Everything will improve with a strong economy. Therefore, all Veterans should unite behind Donald Trump for President in 2016.

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