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We are the national combined Veterans for Trump website and blog. Vets for Trump give veterans that support President Trump a platform to share their voices in support of the President on any and all topics. Click here to read more on the About page.

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Veterans, especially those with longer periods of service and those who are not globalists have supported President Trump from the beginning. Vets for Trump first supported the President to help fix the VA and to bring to a close the endless wars. Veterans have never shrunk from defending our nation. The problem comes in when the Military-Industrial Complex that President Eisenhower warned about keeps us in endless wars.

Vets for Trump did not need to wait long for President Trump to fix the VA. A promise that was made and a promise that was kept to veterans. It only took holding VA employees accountable. Veterans applauded the VA Accountability Act. Veterans also believe, in large part, that this same type of action should be applied across the government to hold government employees accountable. Imagine how great our government could be. It would run like the military.

Veterans also want the same thing our civilian population wants, safety and security to live our lives in peace. We support our police, first responders, and those who serve our local communities in various ways. As a matter of fact, many who served in the military find themselves in these occupations after leaving the service.

Veterans know that America has been taken advantage of for over 100 years. Our military has traveled the world to drive out not only our enemies but the enemies of those with who we are aligned. This has not always been in America’s best interest but Vets for Trump believes we are overall a noble nation.

Vets for Trump also knows that President Trump has a peculiar way of communicating. Many admit President Trump has broken the political norms. However, in the end, President Trump’s policies have been the best we have ever seen. Just like picking a doctor, do you want the one with the best bedside manner or the best in the business? We choose the best in the business.

Vets for Trump knows this has been a turbulent time. However, we see President Trump as the one sticking up for We The People and not Wall Street and large corporations. For some reason, this Billionaire has stood for the working man and woman. We don’t fully understand why but we simply accept it as a truth. This truth has been evident over the past years that he has served our nation.

God bless our President and the freedom-loving people of the United States of America!

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Main Points - Trump was right!

  • Trump was right about voter fraud. See this lengthy article.
  • Trump was right on drug prices
  • Trump was right on China
  • Trump was right on Trade
  • Trump was right on Immigration
  • Trump was right to get NATO to pay their fair share
  • Trump was harder on Russia than any previous President since Reagan
  • Trump was right on how to fix the VA
  • Trump was right on how to take out ISIS
  • Trump was right on North Korea
  • Trump was right on Iran
  • Trump was right on Syria
  • Trump was right on how to lower unemployment
  • Trump was right on how to bring back manufacturing
  • Trump was right on the stock market