Michael J Kelly MSgt Retired USAF 193rd Special Operations Wing

Michael J Kelly MSgt Retired USAF 193rd Special Operations Wing

Owner, Web Developer, Business Consultant

Birth Date: 17 Mar 1958
Branch of Service: USAF / ANG
Major Command: Air Force Special Operations
Rank: MSgt
Years of Service: 22 years, 8 months, 8 days

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Vets For Trump is a grassroots website. Our goal is to reach as many Veterans as we can nationally. When we post articles we do not represent anyone or any organization other than ourselves.

MSgt Michael Kelly is the author of well over 250 articles on this website. Many others have contributed.

The website was started 28 Apr 2016. After the election we want to help Veterans through WeWhoServed.com. Since getting involved with Vets For Trump ideas have come in to expand WeWhoServed.com. If you want to volunteer after the election we can move members from Vets For Trump to WeWhoServed.com. When you Register on Vets For Trump there is a checkbox you can tick off if you want your profile moved to WeWhoServed.com.

Vets For Trump hopes to have representatives in all 50 states. However, we are focused on the 12 Swing States and counties within those states.

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More About Vets for Trump

When Donald Trump started backing Veterans and Tony Porta got on the Hannity show I decided soon after to develop this website. All that was around were some Social Media pages at the time. I met Tony at RNC HQ D.C. in July 2016 at a grassroots meeting I was invited to.

I am not a signatory to any PAC or agreement of any other kind. My goal remains essentially the same. To promote worthy people and causes and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Together we can move forward, cut through the bureaucratic bull and get to work. We are not asking for donations but will earn the money we need. Keep your eye on these two websites. WeWhoServed.com and WeWhoServed.net. If you are Veteran wanting to help consider promoting our cause.

Mike Kelly Vets for Trump Leader and Joe Episcopo

Mike Kelly and Joe Episcopo Vets for Trump at the Inauguration

I retired from the 193rd Special Operations Wing in Nov 2002 and opened a web development company among other things.  I started serving as an Air National Guardsman Mar 1980. In 1983 I was offered an AGR (Active Duty with the Guard & Reserve) position and took it.

My career field was Aircrew Life Support. However, since we did not have a slot for a Search Escape Rescue & Evasion specialist much of my time was spent in survival arena. I was involved in every conflict from Granada to Afghanistan with the exception of Somalia. In addition, I worked in South and Central America on Special Operations missions.

Around 1990 I was tasked with assisting a programmer move DOS based Database files to this new thing called Windows. The program was successfully launched and I wrote the first Air Force Manual in Word using some basic HTML. Upon retiring I decided to open my own web development company. It grew into a successful business.


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