As most of us who watch FOX or other actual news networks know, the ANTIFA thugs are at it again. While the Biden administration was focused on possible Trump supporters they completely missed the anti-American, anti-police, anti-everything ANTIFA riots. All this on Inauguration Day. Welcome to the Jungle sleepy Joe! Even the Corrupt News Network did not post about this until about a half-hour ago. Nothing much about the BLM riots in New York City on the 19th of January either.

Here is something even more humorous. I just wrote about for a second time being pointed at the Joe Biden campaign site and nobody saying anything. I just checked again and now it points to! The new redirect happened on January 20th at 17:56. Still, nobody in the Biden admin is saying anything publicly and nobody in the media is asking. I guess it is going to be a fun time over the next 4 years. Nobody asking any serious questions or at least not getting serious answers.  Again, imagine if was pointing to The news would be all over it.

It took Biden more than 2 months to say anything about ANTIFA and BLM riots over the summer. Not a peep. When he did it was a typical sleepy Joe moment. It will certainly be interesting to watch how they react to these groups over the next few months. Will they call for no bail requirements like they have been doing? Now that it is directed at them will they grow a pair? Doubtful but we will see, won’t we?