Back in the 90’s, I was privileged to sit in the church and under the teaching of Dr. Robert Morey (aka Bob). Bob taught me more about the Bible, Logic, and Philosophy than any other human being. I was also privileged to teach Sunday School and give sermons in his church during his absences. Bob was demanding and would not let just anyone teach so I was very humbled. It was also my privilege to do some bodyguard work for him and be his point of contact for the FBI when Muslim death threats were assessed. If you are a fellow believer please pray for Bob as his health has been failing.

I say all that to get back to the title of this post. One Sunday Bob explained how an evil man can tell you the truth. I am now referring to Vlad Putin as the evil man who can tell the truth from time to time. For those of us who believe evil exists, Vlad definitely qualifies as evil. If I were President I might not be so bold as to say that if I was trying to keep my enemy close.

What I find interesting and not highly talked about on the news is Vlad Putin’s invitation to Mueller. Why would Mueller decline? Could it be because Putin wants a bit of reciprocity?

If you missed it, Putin said just that. Click here to see that short part of the press conference. Note: Putin mentions Bill Browder but I believe he was just using that as an example.

In 1998, Bill Browder gave up his U.S. citizenship and became a British citizen, partly to avoid paying U.S. taxes on foreign investments. His grandfather, Earl Browder became the leader of the Communist Party USA, and ran for U.S. president in 1936 and 1940. See References.

Bill Browder denies giving money to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. I’m sure Bill is telling the truth (as I clear my throat under my breath).

The point I am making is I don’t think the United States wants Putin’s investigators gaining access to our Intelligence community people who Putin suspects of equal interference in Russia.

Do I think Putin is telling the truth about having suspicions, knowledge or evidence of us meddling in Russia? Yes, I do! Those who are criticizing President Trump better be careful what they ask for. It might not turn out well for both sides. It could also explain Mueller’s real reason for rejecting Putin’s offer.

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