After consulting with fellow veterans I was asked to post something in relation to the Kavanaugh accuser. I want to preface this post with the fact that it is too early to tell what the fallout will be. However, in short order, some verified facts have emerged. I do not believe you will find these things unless you do a specific search on the woman whose name only became public on Sunday.

  1. Christine Blasey Ford is a Democrat.
  2. She has donated small amounts to Bernie Sanders.
  3. She marched in an Anti-Trump march wearing a hat that was an altered version of a Pussy Hat which looked like a brain. Click here for the article from April 2017.
  4. Her parents appeared before Kavanaugh’s mother who is also a judge.
  5. Christine’s husband Russel has a LinkedIn page that has not been updated since 2016. Not much is known about Russel.
  6. She has deleted her Social Media pages.

You can see more details at this web link.

There are a few points that are reported on a fairly wide basis.

  1. Christine’s husband backs up her story stating that she mentioned Kavanaugh’s name and was concerned he might one day be nominated to the Supreme Court.
  2. Christine claims she was at a party where Kavanaugh (17 and at the end of his junior year at the time) was stumbling drunk with friend Mark Judge when she was groped.
  3. Christine does not say if she too was drunk at the time.
  4. There appears to be evidence that Christine spoke about this incident in a therapy session without stating Kavanaugh’s name at the time.
  5. The friend and Kavanaugh deny the event.

Now for an opinion.

  1. I believe both should testify under oath and it must be scheduled before the mid-term elections.
  2. I would ask if she was also drinking at the alleged party.
  3. As a person with a degree in psychology, she should be fully aware that memory is not reliable with the passage of time and alcohol. This could be true for either person.
  4. Worst case, it appears to be an accusation of a single incident from 35 years ago where alcohol was involved and both were juveniles. She admits to telling nobody about the incident after it happened until years later in a therapy session without mentioning a name.
  5. There is no other allegation of this behavior. There is quite a bit to the contrary from 65 women who worked with Kavanaugh over the years. I have always found these “last minute” accusations of politicians and judges to be suspicious.
  6. I find two other things stand out. First, she deleted her social media pages. This could be because she did not want to be bothered but it could also mean she is hiding something. Maybe an even more radical left-wing bias than her protest march. The second thing is her husband saying she was afraid he might become a Supreme Court Justice some day. What are the odds of that? This was supposedly back in 2012 when Obama was still President. Plotting for 6 years?

I am really interested in your thoughts and opinions on this subject. Feel free to comment.

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