One can become very amused at the constant droning of America hating folks that say “walls do not work” and “walls are immoral.” The counter to walls, according to them, is drones, technology & more border patrol.

The problem with using technology to notify us when someone has illegally crossed our border is the damage is already done. As soon as someone crosses it starts costing Americans money and lots of it.

According to USA Today, it costs $4,800 just to apprehend an individual. It costs another $180 per day to detain them. The average length of detention is 30 days or $5,480. ICE then spends another $10,854 to deport an individual. In the end, everyone who crosses the border illegally costs $21,134.00!

In November alone there were 51,856 apprehensions at the Mexico border. That just cost taxpayers $1,095,924,704, if and only if we can deport them all, and we won’t! The actual costs will be much higher. You are not reading that wrong. It costs us over a billion dollars per month at the November 2018 levels!

Which is more immoral, to make American taxpayers foot the bill or build a wall that would cut the number of illegal immigrants in half?

Do you see clearly now?

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