Biden gave his anti-Trump, J6 speech saying a lot of rhetorical nonsense like so many politicians. Of all the things he said the one that hit me was saying: “Trump did nothing. It was among the worst derelictions of duty by a President in American history.” The sound of screeching brakes was heard in my head. I wondered if good old Joe’s speech writers understood the meaning of “dereliction of duty”? Had they also forgotten that Trump said to peacefully protest and that he offered the National Guard on 3 Jan? Let’s think about it for just one second. Even Tulsi Gabbard, former Democrat Presidential candidate turned Republican railed against the lies of Joe Biden and the Democrat Party in general.

So, letting millions of illegal immigrants into America by removing all of Trump’s policies is not a dereliction of duty? Lying to the public about secure borders isn’t a dereliction of duty? In 202273,654 people died from a fentanyl overdose in the US, more than double the number of deaths from three years prior in 2019 In 2023 the overdose death rate topped 112,000. The failed withdrawal from Afghanistan wasn’t a dereliction of duty? The list could go on and on. Many American lives were lost under Biden for dereliction of duty let alone the suffering.

Even if you think J6th was a dereliction of duty on Trump’s part (and I don’t) only 1 person lost their life and that was Ashli Babbit an unarmed Air Force veteran who was shot to death. I’m not excusing those who broke things or shoved or hurt people. Just pointing out the facts and wondering why so many are being kept as political prisoners.

Let’s see what Trump actually said about J6.

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