The do-nothing Democrats and their much about nothing Soviet-style investigations, do nothing but obstruct important legislation. We the people, Republicans, Conservative Democrats, and Independents shall not be led to slaughter like the Socialists Democrats want you to do! Fight back and vote these worthless politicians out. Please support the Keep America Great agenda.

American citizens want Congress to legislate and not congregate in secrecy. Work together and pass some laws regarding meaningful legislation regarding drug and health insurance guidelines, illegal immigration, gun background checks, along with universal concealed carry for all fifty states. We are tired of these nonsense coordinated politically-driven investigations, that costs the taxpayers time/money.

We the people demand that Congress earn its keep! Focus on what’s good for its citizens and make it achievable goals, that reasonably can be carried out. Unfortunately, we have some left-wing and extremely ignorant career politicians who have proven their mismanagement and stubbornness for political gain and not give a win to the American people.

The Blue state House of Representatives and a tiny amount of Red state hypocrites who cannot run their states properly, want to control your destiny. These are your deceivers who care about their future rather than yours.

In conclusion, bring back the traditions that made America Great. The Constitution, Patriotism, less government, industrialism, civil liberties, and true journalism and not opinionated reporting.

LTC MICHAEL “Goose” Bogmenko Ret. USAR

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