Did you ever wonder about the level of intelligence of the average Democrat? Before you get your snowflake panties in a bunch it is worth acknowledging there are dumb Republicans. However, the first thing that comes to mind when many of my friends hear the word Democrat is dumb. That is not the first thing that comes to mind when they hear the word Republican.

We only need to consider the “Defund Police” movement. How dumb is that? Who supported the idea? Who took it seriously enough to begin to enact it? It sure wasn’t Republicans! Anyone with half a brain could have seen what would come of it. As a defense, some on the left try to change the meaning of the word “defund” to mean something else. If you mean to use another word then use it! Again, how dumb is that? Hence, the meaning of the term “dumb as a Democrat.”

That one example should be enough but let’s outline just a few more.

  • Walls don’t work. The first thing the CHOP / CHAZ crazies did was build a barrier to control those who came in and out. The second thing they did was create their own security force. Yep, walls don’t work – dumb as a Democrat.
  • Blaming Trump for China Flu deaths. Dems called Trump a xenophobe for stopping travel from China which saved and an untold number of lives. That according to Fauci, Redfield, and Girior at the latest Congressional hearing. Yep, dumb as a Democrat.
  • Pretending they don’t know the difference between an absentee ballot you request and ill-prepared states mailing ballots to everyone even if they are dead or moved. Yep, dumb as a Democrat.
  • Arguing for 3 Trillion in additional spending including pet projects and expecting it to pass. Yep, dumb as a Democrat.
  • Arguing about assault rifles (whatever that means) when the vast majority of shootings are by handguns. Yep, dumb as a Democrat.
  • Arguing for gun control laws when criminals don’t give a damn what law you passed. See, that’s why we call them criminals. Yep, dumb as a Democrat.
  • Turning violent criminals back on to the streets without bail and with multiple offenses is a good idea. Yep, dumb as a Democrat.
  • Assuming any white cop that shoots a black person is a racist. Yep, dumb as a Democrat.

A veteran friend suggested it is a matter of emotion versus reason. He is also a fan of the Mark Twain quote: “all generalizations are false including this one”. Hopefully, the saying dumb as a Democrat is not too much of a generalization. It is true that emotions will eradicate your reasoning skills. Maybe my friend is correct. It could be emotional instability that makes people cling to the Democrat Party views.

Another friend on the left implied it is the folks on the right that lack intelligence more than his side. As evidence, he pointed out that more college-educated people voted for Hillary in the last election. No argument there. He is correct. The fly in the ointment is there is no link between intelligence and college education. That is not to say all people who graduate college are dumb. Nor are those who do not graduate college dumb.

Alas, a new can of worms has likely been opened. Rather than get sidetracked some quick statistics and a couple good videos will have to suffice. Most people in America are employed by small businesses. The majority of small business owners are not college graduates. However, non-college graduate business owners employ most of the college graduates.

I’ve worked with people who went to Harvard and other prestigious universities. I’ve got friends who are lawyers and medical doctors as well as others with Ph.D.’s. or advanced degrees. Some have impressed me. Others make me wonder how they got out of bed and tied their shoes. One explained it is not intelligence that got them their degree. It was simple perseverance. I believe him.

Bottom line, don’t fall for the thought that if you voted for Trump you are part of the unwashed masses. Below are those videos I promised above.

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