‘A Huge Blow’: Decline In White Recruits Fueling The Military’s Worst-Ever Recruiting Crisis, Data Shows

Evidence suggests our intelligence agencies launched the Russia-collusion hoax months before the Clinton campaign joined in full force. Journalist reports that a political espionage campaign targeted Trump during the 2016 election, comparing it to a WMD-style story. Nah, we didn’t know our Intel community was corrupt already.  Foreign dictators laugh at our hypocrisy.

Putin suspected in his 10th dead political opponent, Alexei Navalny. Only 40 more to go to catch up with the Clintons.

Special Counsel Robert Hur says what we have all known for years. Joe Biden is not competent to stand trial. DOJ defends Special Counsel report on Biden’s memory: ‘Consistent with legal requirements,’ not ‘gratuitous’. Oh, and it was Biden that brought up the subject of his son’s death to Hur, not the other way around. Biden’s outrage proves once again there are two possibilities. Either Joe is lying or his memory is so poor he should not be in charge of running a candy store.

The House voted to impeach Alejandro Mayorkas. The vote marks the first time in nearly 150 years that a Cabinet secretary (William Belknap) has been impeached. It’s going nowhere and they impeached the wrong person which would also have gone nowhere. Did you ever notice Mayorkas looks like the perverted and evil character Herr Starr from the TV series Preacher?

Herr Starr Mayorkas

Biden visits East Palestine, Ohio over a year late!

Enough protecting these ‘euro deadbeats’: Gutfeld

Kevin O’Leary slams Trump’s civil ruling as ‘un-American’ and a shock to the entire real estate industry.

Predicting an overturn on appeal, O’Leary cautioned against the lasting repercussions this ruling might have on American business.

“It’s not healthy for the country,” he emphasized. “I want this reviewed and appealed and turned over because it’s wrong for everybody that participates.”

He later added, “If this judgment sticks. Every developer must be jailed. They must be found guilty. They must be put out of business. You can’t do this to one another. It’s not about Trump.”

Trump applied for a commercial loan, which was carefully reviewed by the lender through a thorough Due Diligence process. The loan was approved, and Trump made timely payments on the installments, ultimately paying off the loan in full upon maturity. The bank confirmed that they received payments as scheduled and generated a profit from the transaction. This exemplifies the standard procedure for loan processing and repayment. The verdict will be overturned on appeal. I say that as a former owner of a mortgage company.

Politically motivated Anti Trump DA Fani Willis loses it on lawyer during misconduct hearing. Trump special prosecutor Nathan Wade’s former law partner and divorce attorney seemed to admit in a text message read aloud in an Atlanta court Friday that Wade and District Attorney Fani Willis were in a relationship before 2022 — contradicting the timeline the former lovers gave in their respective testimonies a day earlier.

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