Thanks to my friend Michael Dutton for sharing this video.

If you’re an older like me you might remember Red Skelton. I was young enough to think his name was really skeleton. This video represents values I grew up with. I’m sure many of you will agree after watching it. Let me know if you do in our comments section.

When we wonder why there are so many mass shootings think about what Red Skelton had to say so long ago. What changed in our culture?

I don’t know about you but this is what I see. We have driven loyalty to Country, honor for God and standards completely out of our schools.

That’s why there was such an uproar about NFL players not standing for the national anthem. That’s why so many people despise the ACLU bringing lawsuits against High School coaches for a simple prayer before a football game. That’s why most of us don’t believe we are judging too harshly when we’d simply criticized bad behavior.

For those of you in the Democratic Party who love and respect our country, respect  those who honor God and who believe in high standards consider walking away from the far left.  #WalkAway

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