This past week or so I received a bit more hate email than usual. I’m supposing it is because of Veterans Day and all the hubbub about where President Trump was and wasn’t.

Let me answer a common objection about where President Trump was on Veterans Day weekend while in France or missing Arlington.

First, neither President Bush or Obama went to Europe for Armistice Day in their combined 16 years. Click here for Bush’s overseas trip schedule and click here for Obama.

Next, there is a Meme going around that Trump was the first President in 56 years to not attend Arlington’s wreath-laying ceremony. That is not true either. Click here for the facts. Nor did President Obama visit Arlington in the rain this year!

President Trump does wish he had a “do-over” for this because he did not think it would make such a splash. I can see why he would have thought that considering the real record of previous Presidents.

Last but not least, I know it is traditional to go to cemeteries on Veterans Day. However, the fact is that is what Memorial Day is all about. Veterans Day is about the living, not the dead. Below is an excerpt from Wikipedia and a link to the entire article:

Veterans Day is distinct from Memorial Day, a U.S. public holiday in May. Veterans Day celebrates the service of all U.S. military veterans, while Memorial Day honors those who died while in military service.

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