By now most of us have heard the anti veteran slur spewed by a Democrat publication called The Atlantic. All you need to understand is the author of this propaganda article is a Democrat. One look at his Twitter feed shows his absolute disdain for Trump.  Every veteran should understand how most of the Democrat party views veterans. They really think we are as easily swayed as their acolytes. We are not. Rational veterans dismissed this story without a second thought.

Many veterans understand politics is war by other means. This is not a shooting war but it is a propaganda war. We saw the article for what it was. A political hit job. It wasn’t aimed at Vets for Trump. It was aimed at the gullible veterans and their families.

The enemy: the ideas and slurs of the Democrat party. The troops they use are the media, big tech billionaires and their platforms along with many of the “elites”. Trump gets this. He is the target. If you are a Vet for Trump you understand how much President Trump has done for the military and America.

It is a holiday weekend and I will be spending time with family. I hope you are all well and doing the same if you can! The subject may come up and the reply to the Trump haters or gullible is simple:

Am I supposed to take the word of Trump haters about something the Trump hating John Bolton says is not true?  If you are that gullible I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I’d like to sell you. 🙂 Don’t insult my intelligence.

Update 9 Sep 20

The Donald Trump I Know #VetsForTrump

A story alleged that the president had disparaged American troops by comparing them to “waiters.” I knew instantly to what that referred, and knew also that while technically true, in the much larger sense it was a monstrous lie.

That is an excerpt from an article by Michael Anton and a must-read if you believe Trump disparaged troops in general. It is a perfect example of taking things way out of context. The left has mastered this technique. It is the same technique used by other Socialist/Communist leaders and evil deceivers of the past & present.

If you are a veteran that went through resistance training you likely understand the simple concept.
Interrogator: If you are not a spy, say “I am not a spy!”
Victim: I am not a spy.
Instructor: You idiot! What happens if I remove the word “not” from that sentence?

That’s right, you just admitted to being a spy and now you will be sentenced to death. 

You see Trump understands something I learned long ago as a business consultant. When you want to understand an organization and how to improve it, you don’t spend much time with the boss. You spend time with the workers. They are the ones that know the problems a company faces better than those at the top.

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