8 September 2020

It was a horn honking hour.

Since we cannot hold all of the signs we want, we set up two signs in front of our usual “Wave Old Glory with Us” sign. (See below.)  The first one was “Honk for Trump”.  There was more honking today.  I would love to hear more.

Today, there was much negative news about how President Trump had supposedly disrespected veterans.  A Google search for an objective report only brought up several pages of liberal media claiming the anonymous accusations were true.

A real liberal parked beside our vehicles and spoke first to Rick and then with me.  I call him a “real” liberal because he was respectful (I thanked him for that.) and listened to counterpoints to his arguments.  Old school liberalism has now become Leftism and is evil.  This rare liberal calmly asked why we supported Trump based upon the current news.  I told him he needed to use some news source besides the anti-Trump media.  He claimed FOX was reporting it.  I countered that FOX has some issues.  I failed to note that just reporting the story, does not indicated believe that the story is factual.

He asked why we supported a draft dodger.  Before I could reply, he admitted that Clinton was one.  I would have said that there are lots of men who do not want to serve in the military and still respect and support the military.  I did ask him what he thought about George W. Bush.  He said that he respected Bush.  I asked him if he preferred a Biden or a Trump America.  He responded that he preferred an Obama America.  I told him that Obama is still fighting to control America as part of the clique (swamp) and that Trump is not in the clique.  I made sure he knew that I have always been a registered Independent and think the Democrat and Republican Parties are (as a friend says) “two wings of the same bird flying in the wrong direction.”

It was difficult to carry on a conversation because of the frequent “Honks for Trump.”

Would a President who does not respect the military go to these lengths to visit a combat zone?  Here is “The truth is President Trump is making sure the government fulfills its commitment to our country’s Veterans.”

It was a cloudless, humid, scorcher of a day.  After we prayed and chatted about the sorry state of America spiritually and politically for about 15 minutes, my truck thermometer read 87 degrees at about 5:45 PM (1745) EDT.

Why no other patriots (especially veterans) have joined us could be due to lack of time (a poor excuse), timidity (God can take care of that), or even terror (due to the vicious actions of Biden supporters across the nation).  We will do our duty.

[More of these AARs (After action Reports) are posted at http://www.insectman.us/misc/hold-the-line-again.htm]

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