Trump still leads in the Republican Primary polls with around 59% support. The closest challenger is DeSantis at 13% and the others are in single digits. So Trump leads the field by 46% according to the RCP average. Even if the polls are off by a lot the fact is Trump leads by a wide margin that cannot be overcome by natural means. These are facts.

While national polls have Biden and Trump neck and neck it does not look good for Biden. We must remember that the Presidential election is not a popular vote. Add to that people who vote Democrat are typically answering on an emotional level just like the Never Trumpers. These are not normally well-thought-out people.

Emotions can hijack our attention, take control of our thoughts, and prevent us from seeing things from different perspectives. They bias our perception by highlighting certain information and neglecting others. So yeah, while feelings are an important part of being human, they often get in the way of rational thought by making it hard for us to approach situations with a clear mind.

The hope is these emotionally oriented people recover enough to think rationally for a moment when pulling the lever on election day. The largest group of people I have heard from who are voting for Trump now and who voted for Biden in the past are the poor and middle class. They want lower prices on gas, food, clothing, cars, homes, rent and other things. They want peace through strength and not war in the face of weakness. Many on the left are also tired of the race-bating and woke culture.

It is time to get real. Politics can be intense, but we should objectively look at the facts. Trump had a controversial style, but he made significant changes like tax cuts, deregulation and so much more. The economy was booming pre-pandemic under his leadership. Although there are concerns about his rhetoric, considering another term for Trump may bring real change and someone skilled in navigating complex issues. Let’s keep an open mind and prioritize our voting decisions for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

Remember, there is no need to paste in articles from Mediate, NY Times, WAPO et cetera. They just go in the spam bin. Hopefully, you will come around in the end.

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