Tucker Carlson’s interview with fellow veteran Tony Bobulinski last night should be on every media website but it is not. At least not as of this morning. I checked all of them. Now you know why FOX News is the “Only Trusted Name In News” and the audience is larger than ever. Here are 17 minutes of the 45 minute exclusive:

Why do I say Joe Biden committed political suicide? Simple, it was self-induced. Tony Bobulinski gave Joe Biden the opportunity to stop him from coming forward. Tony said the thing that made him come forward was Adam Schiff said it was a “Russian disinformation operation”. Tony also said he got word to Joe Biden through Rob Walker that he was going public if Adam Schiff did not retract his statement.  Our liberal friends probably do not fully understand what a fraudulent human being Adam Schiff is, but we do. For our liberal friends, Adam Schiff is the guy who claimed he had evidence about Russian collusion and President Trump. He lied to the public for years on this and many other issues surrounding President Trump. Those lies cost taxpayers many millions of dollars. I find it ironic that he is the one responsible for Joe Biden’s demise.

I understand where Tony is coming from. Many, but not all of us who served in the military understand the importance of integrity. I came close to throwing away a long time client who pays good money because he questioned my integrity. I set him straight very firmly and directly. I later realized that the client was surrounded by people he could not trust. This personal experience makes me very empathetic to Tony Bobulinski. Even though he is a Democrat I think he and I would like each other very much.

The so-called news media blackout of this story coupled with the social media blackout brought it to a head quickly. They should learn the saying: “It is not the crime, it is the cover-up.” As a veteran, it is hard to believe I fought for a country where the media and big tech is involved in obstruction of justice. President Trump is the most investigated President in history. They came up with nothing but a conspiracy to overthrow the government by the deep state. You may not like him but at least he isn’t selling America down the tubes to foreign countries.

I’m reminded of the children’s saying “I‘m rubber, you’re glue, everything you say bounces off me and sticks to you.” I can’t personally think of a single allegation against President Trump that the Democrats aren’t actually guilty of. Even the Impeachment was about this very subject. Trump was right again! If you hate Trump’s Tweets and personality I get it, but people who are honest with themselves have to see this story about Biden as true.

So, the question is: Will America elect a known criminal? I suppose that is a distinct possibility. This will leave us with President Kamala Harris which was the likely plan all along.

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