Do your thoughts control you or do you control your thoughts? As a veteran of 23 years, here is what I learned in a nutshell that helps me to this day. My hope is it will help those who read it and practice it. It might be a great way to kick off the new year.

You will continue to suffer if you react emotionally to everything that is said. If words control your emotions then anyone can control you. Breathe and let things wash over you.

That is a paraphrase of something credited to Warren Buffet. Surely he learned it elsewhere. This general rule was learned as a young man and I practice it to this day. It was reinforced by my Christian faith in turning the other cheek and practicing meditation.

I cannot give someone Christian faith. That is up to God working in you on a deep and personal level. Not everyone can relate to this “Be still, and know that I am God” attitude and I’m not preaching. I’m simply acknowledging where my peace comes from. However, anyone can practice the type of meditation I speak of. It is more psychology than anything else.

Pause, breathe, relax, and observe your thoughts rather than participate in them. 

We are not our thoughts. Our thoughts are tools. If we let the tool control us then we become erratic. If we observe our thoughts rather than participate with them we will remain calmer. Don’t worry, you will not become like Spock in Star Trek if you practice this technique. The opposite of Spock is to be like Chicken Little claiming the sky is falling. We do not want that either, do we? It is really about having a balanced approach to life.

Politics allows us the opportunity to practice this technique as it can be emotionally charged for many. Emotions run high in the comments section from Trump haters. Trump and those of us who think he was a good policy President trigger the left just like the left triggers the right. If we stop and breathe for a minute we realize that the current accusations against Trump are the same as they always were. The truth is the sky did not fall under his Presidency. Apart from COVID, he had historic successes.

If we practice this technique of observing our thoughts other areas of life will likely improve. Your job and family will not stress you out as much.  If you like to shoot guns, pool, darts et cetera your skills will likely improve. People may even seek your counsel or advice.

All the best to you in the New Year!

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