When you look at the images and video of Gaza remember it was Hamas, not Israel that did this. You cannot lift an anvil over your head held by a rope, cut that rope, and blame someone else. It is just that simple. Cause and effect is the nature of reality. You cannot hide behind women and children and complain about collateral damage when you caused the death of the innocents.

War is the normal state of human civilization. Peace is the rare exception. It is easy to think that peace is the normal state of mankind. Examined on a global level peace is the rare exception. It is often said that nothing matters until it becomes personal. That is what just happened in Israel. How would you deal with a situation if it were your loved ones who were tortured, murdered, and taken captive?

I  know many of you want us to keep videos short. That is not the nature of the beast, at least for my buddy Mac. He and I are different creatures. I write a lot and speak little. He speaks a lot and writes little. We both have much to say but present it in two different ways. Therefore, only watch as much of the video as you want. You are not compelled to watch any or all of it. Thanks for understanding as I plan to post more of our videos from MacAndMike.com here in the future.


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