We are living in times that are disquieting and terrifying. Old school politicians whose careers elevated their economic and political position think that the American people are dumb. They are always voicing biased opposition towards the President. Thank God we have President Trump. A President for everyone. He is on top of this virus, using medical and business experts.

Political leftists should be held accountable at the ballot box. They rush to judgment. They use fear to promote Draconian enforcement of petty ordinance offenses. For example, look at what just happened to football legend Tom Brady while he was exercising at Tampa Park. He was actually asked to leave! I guess using discretion is not an option anymore.

Contentment is not a gift, it is an achievement. Warnings are greatly appreciated, especially when free people’s society is distressed. However, let’s not steer toward’s communism! Let’s not just stay home and eat ice cream for contentment, but Keep America Great!

Politicians need to preserve the ideals of democracy and not let it perish.

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