All Republicans have to do to win back the House, Senate and eventually, the White House is to continue to point out the obvious. I’ll try to keep my posts shorter and future videos will be shortened. If you are reading this you likely already know most of the items as well if not better than I do. However, it is good to keep a historic record.

Obvious Truth Number One: The wall worked. Again, it is not that we do not have compassion for people wanting to flee their country and come to America. It is simply that we should take care of our own living on the streets before we take in illegal immigrants. Keyword illegal.

Obvious Truth Number Two: Trump asked for 5 Billion to build the wall and it was rejected by the Democrats. We have spent 3 Billion on illegal immigrants in the last several months! On top of that, last month, New York spent 2 Billion on illegal immigrants alone.

Obvious Truth Number Three: If you look at pictures and videos of illegal immigrants you will notice they are not starving. Many are overweight and morbidly obese. This puts them at higher risk for all kinds of diseases including the China Flu. How many more billions is that going to cost?

Obvious Conclusion: If you vote for a Democrat Politician, any Democrat Politician, you are voting against our own homeless in favor of mostly well-fed people in less dire conditions.

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