Here is another Idiot Brushfire. Trump talking about illegal immigration being out of control said it is “poisoning the blood of our country.” So, I asked Chat GPT “What is the meaning of the blood of a country’? Here is a link to the full answer. Below is the meat of it:

There are different ways to interpret the meaning of “blood of a country”. One possible way is to think of it as a metaphor for the people, culture, or identity of a nation. Another possible way is to think of it as a literal term for the distribution of blood types among the population of a country.

I highly doubt he was talking about blood types.

What he meant was illegal immigrants are changing the culture and identity of our nation, and not for the better. It does not take a rocket scientist to see the truth in that. Who would have believed so many Americans would openly support Hamas? Who would believe the left in the Democrat party would support communist, socialist, anti-white, and anti-Jewish racist ideologies? Let alone their anti-police and anti-punishment for criminals policies. These things are not traditional American values.

It is like when people fleeing the high tax, woke, overly government-controlled blue states for red states bring their liberalism with them. They essentially are poisoning the blood of red states. Ask anyone from Florida or Texas about that. Mark my words, the news media is going to distort this and make hay while they can. Just another idiot brushfire.

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