Poverty is located throughout the world and the United States is not to prepared to take in everyone who wants to take in our standard of living. Some brick head also says it is because of Climate Changes except the migrants flee from a more reliable temperature. I think it may be part of a larger plan, conceived by leftist Democrats who want open borders and to get rid of the Electoral College. This idealism would replenish Sanctuary cities voters rolls. encourage non- citizens to vote illegally, for whoever gives them free stuff. Getting rid of the Electoral College will encourage maximum voter fraud in our future general elections. Therefore popular vote would win all the time.

This do-nothing Congress, originating fro Obama and Bush, has been misleading the American public on this crisis at the border for years. This big mess needs to be fixed, maybe use the Department of Justice to Investigate the past atrocities using Federal agents to be weaponized against political opponents may motivate Congress to do some cleanup on our stupid immigration laws.

It’s crazy to blame President Trump for it. In fact, it is better to blame Congress for its inaction to fix it. The pure political lies made by one particular party, on this subject, makes me sick! Our partner on the southern border, Mexico has done more at the beginning of April 2019, than Nancy Pelosi Democrats has done in years.

We should be ashamed of our tragic record of inefficiency and corruption in Congress. The might of the United States is not to be wasteful, with a do-nothing Congress, but its legislators need to maintain the power of its democracy for its citizens and not give everyone our resources!!!

LTC Michael Goose Bogmenko Ret. USAR

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