President Trump is Putin’s puppet. At least that is the claim from the left. In addition, some on the right oppose President Trump’s failure to denounce Putin in public over meddling in our election. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, so here is mine.

Those who oppose President Trump’s strategy should consider that America has been meddling in foreign countries & elections for a very long time.  You can easily Google this. Below is an excerpt from Wikipedia but there are many sources including the liberal New York Times that agree.

According to the study, the U.S. intervened in 81 foreign elections between 1946 and 2000, while the Soviet Union or Russia intervened in 36. [2] See reference.

One of the most notable and recent demonstrations of U.S. interference relating to Russia is the change in power in Ukraine. Both President Obama and John McCain had their hands in this. See this article. That is what President Trump may have meant by his statement “I hold both countries responsible.”

I will continue to focus on recent history for the younger crowd. I am not picking on President Obama as Republican Administrations have obviously been involved in meddling.

Another incident that was widely covered in the news was Obama’s interference in the Israeli election of 2015.

During Israel’s 2015 elections, the Obama administration — led by Secretary of State John Kerry — illegally intervened when they attempted to defeat the reelection of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by covertly funneling State Department grants to opposition groups. The Obama administration detested Netanyahu due to his refusal to cave into Palestinian demands, a group that even refused to recognize the existence of Israel.

Here is a link to that story and 5 others. That is just under Obama! Again, Republicans have meddled as well.

This doesn’t mean that Putin is a good guy. He is not. However, the sad thing about the Israel incident is they are one of our closest allies!

If you ask me President Trump is making the right call. We need to keep an open dialogue with Russia. To go overboard with Russias meddling in our elections is the pot calling the kettle black.

I leave you with this video from Cavuto interviewing Rand Paul on this subject. I believe both Democrats and establishment Republicans need to #WalkAway from the crazy criticism of President Trump.

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