By now most of us heard about the mural of George Floyd being hit by lighting in Toledo Ohio. I was not shocked to find this Snopes post but it is a good example of why you should not take the website seriously.

The Snopes post title is: Lightning Strike? Cause of George Floyd Mural Collapse Disputed

Is it really disputed? No, not really. The post goes on to say: As of this writing, there appear to be two plausible possibilities. What are those two possibilities? They are a lighting strike on or near the building where the mural was done or natural deterioration according to Snopes.

According to the post, Doppler Radar confirmed a lighting strike in that vicinity at the time of the collapse. But noooo! it was “possibly” deterioration, not an act of God.

Look, nobody thinks what happened to George Floyd should happen to anyone. However, he is not a hero. He was a guy with a drug addiction problem and criminal background who resisted arrest. I’m not saying anything about him except he led an unfortunate life like so many others that are held up by the left as heroes or martyrs.

This was nothing more than a lightning strike and if you read anything more into it then you likely have an agenda. Why does Snopes care one way or the other? Let’s ignore the facts and come up with a different story! Someone might link lightning to an act of God. You know we cannot have that! After all, God doesn’t exit if you are leftist.

It reminds me of the Wuhan wet market versus the Wuhan lab leak. You might recall John Steward (well-known liberal) can’t even buy that wet market thing!

It also reminds me of the argument that there was no vote fraud during the China Flu election of 2020. No, nothing to see here, regardless of still pending investigations. Don’t think about the vault holding the ballots that are under investigation that was recently broken into in Fulton County Georgia. Nope, nothing to see here either.

It also reminds me of the argument that Joe Biden had nothing to do with Hunter Biden’s foreign money-making schemes. No, nothing to see here either! Just because the computer and eyewitness testimony says he did, don’t believe your lying eyes and ears.

I don’t have the time but I could give dozens of more examples.

No wonder the common hard-working person doesn’t know what to believe. They don’t have the time to investigate the bullshit being thrown at them, left or right. It is a shame to see the country we fought for go down the drain. I am afraid it is too late but I hope I’m wrong.

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