A quick introduction to Rick Saccone our newest Vets for Trump contributor. Many of you may be familiar with a fellow veteran & Trump supporter, Rick Saccone. Rick is retired Air Force and served as both enlisted and as an officer. You can read more about Dr. Rick on his Wikipedia page. The reason you may know Rick’s name is because of the battle between him and Conor Lamb that made national news back in 2018. Lamb, a Marine, squeaked out a .4% victory by separating himself from the likes of Nancy Pelosi’s and far-left policies. His voting record shows he was easily compromised and votes with the far left around 80% of the time. Sad for any American let alone a veteran.

Dr. Rick Saccone is fighting back against the far left with a series of YouTube videos. Without further ado here is one about the framing of General Michael Flynn. Please consider sharing Dr. Saccone’s vidoes and catch up with Rick’s other videos on his YouTube Channel, Veritas – Truth is Freedom.

Transcript below:

What does it look like when the government bureaucracy goes rogue?   Hi I’m Dr Rick Saccone

So this is how the government works in a corrupt third world dictator state and I have worked in several.  The government entraps you. Creates a crime where there was none. Bankrupts you as you try to defend yourself. You lose everything and your good name. Then they threaten to do the same to your son unless you sign a confession and admit to a crime you did not commit. Then a complicit media broadcasts that you are guilty and ADMITTED to your guilt.

 No this is not Venezuela, China, not even North Korea. This is the FBI attacking an American hero and 33 year veteran, 3 star general Michael Flynn selected to become President Trumps National Security Advisor.  Rogue agents in the government knowingly prosecuted an innocent man.  And the perpetrators of Comey, Strock and McCabe almost completed their plan. Flynn was just the first phase. Flynn was just a vehicle to bring down the President of the United States.  You see Flynn was feared as a possible whistleblower on the Obama administration and the corruption inside it.  Flynn had called Obama a Liar concerning Obamas foreign policy pronouncements.  Loyalists in the Bureaucracy could not allow their misdeeds to surface. They had to destroy Flynn to protect those secrets and bring down Trump.  But there was no derogatory information on him. He was a clean patriot. So they created a way to trap him.

  And these rogue actors in the once highly trusted agency known as the FBI would have gotten away with it if had not been for one man, Donald Trump, who appointed an attorney general and had him look into it.  Initially these wily criminals tried to disguise their crimes by redacting information in reports under the guise of national security.  But the agents own notes in 2017, once hidden, eventually confirmed their guilt and vindicated that Flynn. The corruption has been revealed. And the wrong has now been exposed.  The guilty have been named and hopefully will be brought to justice.

But how will General Flynn get back his good name? How will regain the home he sold to defend himself and the million dollars in legal fees that bankrupted him?

Folks this is NOT just about Flynn, that is a tragedy. But if it can happen to him it can happen to any one of us. Anyone who disagrees with the establishment like Mike Flynn and Donald Trump do.

Obama is now complaining that the rule of law has been weakened after he labored so hard to destroy it. In fact, President Trump and William Barr are working tirelessly to restore the rule of law and the constitution. That must continue for the protection of all our rights from an ever increasingly oppressive and corrupt bureaucracy.

Our liberty depends on it.

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