Here are the words from a fellow veteran, Doug Lengenfelder, and friend that inspired me to take Vets for Trump more seriously:

Can anyone out there name a single benefit that American veterans have received that a politician has not voted on?  I didn’t think so … and so, I propose to you:  Unless veterans get involved with politics and politicians, we will fail the generation following us by not ensuring that these men and women and, God forbid, their fatherless/motherless families are justly taken care of during and following their service to our nation.

Doug was spot on. This journey has not been about people like Doug, myself, or any one person writing on this website or involved in the movement. It is about all of us. It is about our care for each other. We should never forget that President Trump is the first President in history to actually keep most of his promises. Of particular interest are things related to Veterans.

Trump promised to expand and improve medical care for veterans and he did. Click here for the VA Mission Act.

Trump promised to straighten out the VA and he did. By November 2019 8,000 VA Employees have been removed for failing to do their job.

Trump promised to wipe out the ISIS Caliphate and he did.

Trump promise to get NATO to pay what they owed and they are.

Trump promised to rebuild the military and he did.

Trump promised to sell arms to Ukraine to fight Russia, reversing the Obama/Biden administration policy and he did.

Trump promised to not start any new wars if he could help it and he has not. Not only that, he negotiated 4 major peace deals. Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 3 times in one year. That’s more than any other person in history. Of course, he will never win it due to politics but it is impressive.

The list goes on and on. If, as a veteran, you don’t vote for Trump you are not paying attention.  Below is a short list of where each candidate stands on the issues.

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