This site began 20 Apr 16. As a Veteran, I support Trump for President.

Let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way. Yes, Donald Trump has said some things in his race against 16 opponents that many consider over the top. Chief among them for Veterans were his comments on John McCain. However, I want to be quick to remind people that McCain was attacking Trump over his immigrations stance and calling his supporters “craziesbefore that. So put that aside.

Donald Trump is extremely supportive of Veterans. We have thousands of dead and wounded. We cannot do anything about our dead but we can and should help our wounded as well as all Vets.

I also like the idea Donald Trump has in relation to getting foreign countries we protect to fund things. For example, there is no reason oil-rich countries should get freedom and protection for free. Remember the old saying “Freedom isn’t Free.

I have temporarily linked this website to a couple Facebook and Twitter pages that are Veterans supporting Trump. If you are associated with one please contact us so we can list your page Join us here and Post your thoughts and comments if you want to express your support for Trump.


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