This time of year friends and others text, call, email, and greet us in person with “Thank you for your service.” I often reply “Thank you for paying the taxes that pay my retirement!” Most veterans cannot say that because around 17% of us make it to retirement. That is not really my point. It is just an interesting side note. My point is that we who served are grateful to the hard-working people of our nation.

My personal reason for setting up this website was because I wanted to help my fellow veterans. When Donald Trump spoke about his plans to do just that I got behind him. Like the hard-working people of our country, we also must thank President Trump for all he has done for the veteran community and our country. No, he was not a lot of things that people expected or wanted in a president. However, his absolute love of country and his hard work to start fixing a broken VA and address other veteran issues is beyond criticism.

With that said I want to take a moment to share what Vets for Trump have been doing behind the scenes. A small but dedicated board of directors has been established with the goal of helping our fellow veterans and first responders as well as the nation as a whole. We are just beginning and look forward to a bright future. We have established a 501(c)(3) and a 501(c)(4) Organization. The 501(c)(4) is called Veterans for America First. See this link to understand what we are about. We are a non-partisan Civil Liberties and Social Welfare grassroots organization. In short, we stand on 4 pillars. They are Housing, Jobs, Wellness, and Faith.

Our 501(c)(3) Is the We Who Served Foundation Inc. We received our IRS tax-exempt letter on 24 Sep 21 and hope to launch our website on or around 1 Dec 21. We will be building a community of veterans and first responders with many goals in mind. Subscribe on the Home page today to receive notifications of updates. We never spam and our system is controlled by Jetpack using WordPress. We Who Served Foundation was established by Veterans and First Responders. Our mission is to support veterans and first responders by hosting community events, creating jobs and faith networks as well as providing family resources in a time of need and so much more. Both organizations rely on and work with civilians as well as veterans and first responders. We are one nation under God!

Veterans relied on each other when we served. That was easy to do when we were under the supportive umbrella of our various services. When we separate from service we can feel isolated and a bit lost. It can feel like graduating high school all over again. Most of us find our way and some become very successful. With that success, it is our moral obligation to help those who are less fortunate or have lost their way. We should not expect the government to do it all. On this Veterans Day let us join together to help one another and give back! It does not have to be money. It can be something as simple as finding someone in need and lending a listening ear. Give whatever you can.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this and possibly share it with your friends. God bless you all!

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