As a naturally curious guy, I often send myself links and never get around to posting articles. Articles take a long time and I’m beginning to understand why some people use Twitter (uggh!) Anyway, here are a few recent links I sent myself that I never posted but you can read them on your own.

  1. Conspiracy theories. These have always troubled me because I’m a skeptical yet rational person (most of the time). I know some people who insist the moon landing was a fake and others who insist that we have bases on the moon and mars. If this kind of thinking has got you as befuddled as me maybe this article will help explain why people believe this stuff.
  2. Climate Change. I’ve posted on this but it is worth reminding folks about the hypocrisy and hype. This is just one link of many I could provide. Again, if President Obama believes the 12 year thing why did he just spend 37% of his net value on a beach house worth 15 million dollars?
  3. Abortion through comedian Dave Chappell’s eyes. Yep, Dave Chappell is back. I saw his comedy special on Netflix. He makes an interesting observation about abortion. If a woman can decide to kill her baby without consulting the father then a man should have the right to abandon a baby that is born. If that one doesn’t make the leftists think I don’t know what will. Here is that segment on PS if you don’t know Dave he is graphic.
  4. Immigration. It would take all of 15 minutes to fix the immigration crisis. If the Democrats can’t come together to fix something as simple as immigration how are they going to fix worldwide climate change, healthcare or anything else?
  5. Immigrant Federal Arrests. In 1998, 63% of all federal arrests were of U.S. citizens; in 2018, 64% of all federal arrests were of non-U.S. citizens. Source, Bureau of Justice Statistics. This does not include State and Local arrests which do not accurately track immigration status.
  6. Mass Shootings. There have been 116 mass shootings (3 or more people killed) since 1982. Here is a link to an interesting spreadsheet you can research if you are interested.
  7. Chicago Murders. You are less likely to be killed in Afghanistan & Iraq from 2001 until 2016 than you are in Chicago. 50 years of Democratic rule in Chicago shows us what America would be like if the Democrats ever get a sustained majority for decades.

OK, those were just a few of the links I recently sent myself. Let me know your thoughts.


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