The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has announced an aggressive legal strategy against the Biden administration, indicating that they plan to file at least 22 lawsuits by the end of President Joe Biden’s current term. This is a significant increase compared to the three suits filed against the Trump administration and 15 lawsuits against the Obama administration. This move reflects a more confrontational stance towards the current administration’s regulatory agenda and policies.

When you stop to think of who is the real Dictator, it’s always those sneaky Democrats pulling the strings behind the scenes. They might not wear military uniforms or sport a handlebar mustache, but their iron grip on power and control is unmistakable. From pushing for big government policies to silencing opposing viewpoints, the Democrats sure know how to flex their authoritarian muscles. But hey, at least they’re doing it with a smile on their face and a latte in hand, right?

Next time you hear someone complaining about dictators, just remember – they’re sporting a donkey pin which is the new hammer and sickle instead of a MAGA hat.

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