The central thesis of Joe Biden’s presidency articulated in the earliest days of his campaign
and reiterated just last week, is that we are now engaged in a battle for the soul of our nation.

I don’t know if you’ve looked at some of his appointees recently. I think the thesis is correct.
Joe Biden’s assistant health secretary is a man who thinks that he is a woman and who demands that we cast straight little kids.

Joe Biden’s deputy assistant energy secretary is a psychosexual sadist who dresses grown men up
in leather dog outfits and photographs himself dragging them around on a leash.

And Joe Biden’s new deputy monkeypox coordinator is a store brand Anton LeVey, whose headshot depicts him wearing a leather pentagram chest harness on top of his other pentagram pectoral tattoo.

Now, in Joe Biden’s defense, he never told us which side of the battle he is on. So, we may be in a battle for the soul of a nation, but if personnel is policy, our soul is in trouble.

I like YouTube shorts. They get the point across quickly. While this may be older data it does show the kind of people Biden brings to his court. Go ahead, criticize Trump and Veterans who understand life will laugh at you.

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