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Vets for Trump aka Veterans for Trump give veterans a platform to share their voices in support of President Trump on any and all topics. We are not a “cult of personality” organization. Vets for Trump is about policy, not personality.  We hope for his return in 2024. Click here to read more on the About page. We do not want your money. If you want to help veterans you can get a website, domain, and more at this link. We never share your information unless you request we do so. 

Vets for Trump is not the proper channel for resolving your individual issues as veterans. Click here.

Why Veterans support Trump

Love him or hate him, no President has done more for veterans than Donald J Trump! He also rebuilt our military!

Reformed the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to improve care, choice, and employee accountability


Decreased Veteran homelessness, improved education benefits, and achieved record-low Veteran unemployment

Why Criticizing MAGA is a Failure for Joe Biden

Railing against the term “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) is yet another political misstep for President Biden. While it is understandable that his administration aims to distance itself from the policies and rhetoric of the previous administration, dismissing a slogan that resonated with a significant portion of the American electorate is seen as dismissive of their concerns. Moreover, rather than engaging in constructive dialogue, denouncing MAGA risks further alienating those who supported former President Trump’s agenda. That agenda proved itself to be the most successful agenda in recent history.

Donald Trump’s presidency was marked by a number of policy successes that had far-reaching implications. One notable accomplishment was his focus on tax reform, which resulted in the passing of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in 2017. This landmark legislation brought about significant tax cuts for both individuals and corporations, stimulating economic growth and job creation. Additionally, President Trump made strides in deregulation, aiming to reduce the bureaucratic burden on businesses and industries, which he believed inhibited their growth potential. His administration’s efforts resulted in cutting unnecessary regulations across sectors such as energy, finance, and healthcare. Furthermore, President Trump prioritized criminal justice reform by signing into law the First Step Act of 2018, a bipartisan effort to address issues such as prison overcrowding and recidivism rates. While controversial among critics and supporters alike, these achievements reflect just a couple of the key policy successes during Donald Trump’s tenure.

President Donald Trump has made significant strides in improving policies for veterans during his tenure. One of the most notable achievements is the signing of the VA MISSION Act, a comprehensive reform bill aimed at enhancing veterans’ access to healthcare services. This act streamlines and improves existing programs while also expanding options for private care when necessary. Additionally, Trump’s administration has focused on reducing veteran homelessness by funding various initiatives and providing housing assistance programs. Furthermore, he signed the Forever GI Bill into law, which eliminated the 15-year time limit on using education benefits, allowing veterans more flexibility in pursuing higher education opportunities. Trump’s commitment to veterans is further evidenced by increasing funding for mental health services, addressing suicide prevention, and prioritizing employment opportunities and job training programs for former military personnel. Overall, these policy successes underscore Trump’s dedication to improving the lives of our nation’s heroes and ensuring they receive the support they deserve.

Why Is The Border A Top Issue?

In Sep 2020 Biden promised to “Dismantle Trump’s Sweeping Immigration Changes”, see NPR. We’ll give him credit for being a man of his word on this subject. As soon as Biden got into office he dismantled everything Trump did to secure our border. This led to the deaths of thousands and a cost of somewhere between 84 and 94 Billion dollars per year. That is according to the Democrat-controlled Senate Budgetary Committee. Not Trump or some right-wing organization. Click here for the PDF.

There are around 650 thousand homeless people in America and around 35,000 of those are Veterans according to the VA. That means if we ended illegal immigration we could use $100,000 per homeless person every year and still be 20 to 30 Billion dollars richer.


Medicare Advantage That Gives Back To Veterans

GI Joe Medicare Advantage that helps Veterans

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Vets fight for you vs liberals


Veterans, especially those with longer periods of service and those who are not globalists have supported President Trump from the beginning. Vets for Trump first supported the President to help fix the VA and to bring to a close the endless wars. Veterans have never shrunk from defending our nation. The problem comes in when the Military-Industrial Complex that President Eisenhower warned about keeps us in endless wars.

Vets for Trump did not need to wait long for President Trump to fix the VA. A promise that was made and a promise that was kept to veterans. It only took holding VA employees accountable. Veterans applauded the VA Accountability Act. Veterans also believe, in large part, that this same type of action should be applied across the government to hold government employees accountable. Imagine how great our government could be. It would run like the military.

Veterans also want the same thing our civilian population wants, safety and security to live our lives in peace. We support our police, first responders, and those who serve our local communities in various ways. As a matter of fact, many who served in the military find themselves in these occupations after leaving the service.

Veterans know that America has been taken advantage of for over 100 years. Our military has traveled the world to drive out not only our enemies but the enemies of those with who we are aligned. This has not always been in America’s best interest but Vets for Trump believes we are overall a noble nation.

Vets for Trump also knows that President Trump has a peculiar way of communicating. Many admit President Trump has broken the political norms. However, in the end, President Trump’s policies have been the best we have ever seen. Just like picking a doctor, do you want the one with the best bedside manner or the best in the business? We choose the best in the business.

Vets for Trump knows this has been a turbulent time. However, we see President Trump as the one sticking up for We The People and not Wall Street and large corporations. For some reason, this Billionaire has stood for the working man and woman. We don’t fully understand why but we simply accept it as a truth. This truth has been evident over the past years that he has served our nation.

God bless our President and the freedom-loving people of the United States of America!

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