Despite what your liberal friends and media have said about Mr. Trump he is not a racist or bigot. What are the reasons the media and your friends say or think this? The chief reasons I have heard are because he wants legal immigration and to protect America from Islamic terrorists.

So, what is racist about either of those things? Nothing. Being for legal immigration is not racist. Since most illegal immigrants come from south of the border and most of those people are hispanic then liberals deduce this to be racist. If illegal immigration was coming mainly from Canada and we wanted to stop it would that be racist? No but we would want to stop it all the same.

Are we being infiltrated by Christian or Buddhist terrorists? No. Is it wrong to identify the Muslim community as something to be concerned about? No If we were being infiltrated by Buddhist terrorists (an oxymoron) we would be keeping an eye on that group. While many Muslims are peace loving some are not. Among the 1.6 billion Muslims in the world there are those who give tacit approval of tactics used by Muslim terrorists.

According to Pew Research 7% of American Muslims believe that suicide bombings are sometimes justified. Looking at Muslim countries that rate climbs to a huge percentage of the population. With no other way to identify who is and is not our enemy we are left with few options. Reducing overall Muslim immigration into America is reasonable for our own protection. It is not saying all Muslims are bad by any stretch of the imagination. However, it is understanding that if terror is going to come to us it is going to come to us via a good percentage of foreign Muslims.

At the time our forefathers expressed their support for freedom of religion Islam was mostly at peace with other religions. Would they think the same today? Do you want this coming here?

Bottom Line: Donald Trump has not been accused by anyone who knows him personally of being a racist or a bigot. Don’t you think the media could find these people who know him and report on it? 

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