It would be indeed ironic if other countries were required to monitor legal abuses in America against President Trump. In the realm of international relations, it is typically expected that countries respect the sovereignty and legal processes of other nations. However, given the unique circumstances surrounding President Trump’s presidency and the numerous allegations of misconduct and abuses of power, by the Biden administration and local Democrat DA’s, it may warrant international attention.

Countries could potentially feel compelled to monitor legal proceedings in America to ensure fairness and justice are upheld. This scenario would not only highlight the global significance of corrupt American politics but also raise questions about the credibility and integrity of the legal system within the United States. Ultimately, such a situation would underscore the need for transparency, accountability, and adherence to democratic principles at both domestic and international levels.

These are not the ravings of right-wing folks. Fair-minded Democrat legal scholars agree that the legal system is being used against Trump simply to keep him from becoming President again. Democrats like Jonathan Turley & Alan Dershowitz are two prominent examples. It is important to remember that the Feds refused to charge Trump but somehow New York thinks they can have a second bite at the apple.

The truth is all these cases will fail upon appeal. That will take years and the Dems know it. However, that doesn’t matter. They hope to change the minds of enough voters to keep Trump from winning. Most Americans don’t understand the appeal process nor the absolute corruption of those in power.

Be prepared to vote for Trump even if he is found guilty which we are sure he will be. At least by a New York jury. You’ve seen the news. They are a bunch of liars. Anyway, if you have time Mac and I discussed this today.

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