When it became clear on election night that the Democrats were trying to steal the election, Vets for Trump activated our nationwide grassroots network of volunteers.

We deployed volunteers into all toss-up states who could provide extra bodies to local and State GOP recount efforts as needed.

Two of our volunteers in Pennsylvania, who have active, out of state, conceal carry licenses, were targeted by activists and are being prosecuted by an activist Pro-Biden District Attorney Larry Krasner.

The activist DA is wanting to charge them with a felony for conceal carrying a weapon and is requesting the bond be set at $1 Million each.

They have been there now for almost 24 hours and have yet to see a magistrate.

This is a clear partisan effort by the same District Attorney who refused to prosecute looters and rioters.

Please donate now to secure the release of these Patriots!

We need 10% for each individuals bond plus the legal retainer, totaling $205,000.

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