As our convention comes to a close, I, like you was very happy and impressed with all of our speakers. They were inspiring and told relatable stories. From the Cuban-American businessman Maximo Alvarez to Ann Marie Dorn, the widow of retired St. Louis police captain (who was shot after a violent night of protests) to Herschel Walker’s 37-year relationship with Donald Trump to Clarence Henderson, a civil rights activist to First Lady Melania Trump (Melania was incredible) to Vice President Pence’s strong delivery and of course President Donald Trump’s All-American message… they were all outstanding.

The Democratic Party and the media’s reactions were predictable. They are now engaged in their ultimate “projection”; accusing Republicans of what they are guilty and have been for months… painting a dark picture of fear for our country. From my hours of watching the RNC Convention, this was the exact opposite of our message as Republicans delivered a realistic, yet optimistic view for our nation. This is of course what the Democrats do. Their strategy is to accuse others of things they are blatantly and overtly guilty of saying and doing and they count on the mainstream media to alter the narrative coming out of a successful RNC Convention. And as we know, the media is a very willing accomplice.

However, I do believe the left and the media are truly beside themselves with concern because they overplayed their left extremism and have shown how far out of touch, so blinded by their ideology they didn’t even know how far left they have gone until it was too late. It took a poll to tell them that their wild-eyed extremism, condoning of lawlessness in the streets and defunding of the police is NOT what the vast majority of Americans want.

They were stunned listening to the everyday stories of people and how the President and our Party are not only with them, we are them. There was also a perfectly elitist liberal response from MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough calling our speakers “misfits” while he openly questioned how they even got in there… meaning the convention. These out of touch media and liberal elites, let’s call them the “miserables,” will continue to spread their propaganda, but the walls of their echo chamber will continue to close in. Meanwhile, traditional Democrats, whose Party is now far out in left field, will continue to relate to the President’s agenda and the initiatives we are advancing. They will become Trump Democrats. They too love America and our convention put this on display for all of the nation.

Americans are and will continue to build from our past. We will continue to demand “liberty and justice for all” with all of our heart and soul. That is why we believe so strongly in our Constitution and why we are a nation of laws. It is why we want judges who do not legislate from the bench, because we demand equal treatment for all. It is why we cherish our Bill of Rights and demand a limited government that empowers people and does not encroach on our liberties. We are a nation that can provide resources to help our fellow Americans make it through tough times to “promote the general welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.” This election means a lot of things to all of us. I like to offer you a few.

This election is about people.

Our Party, President, policies and our ideals are entirely focused on what’s best for the American people. Laws, opportunity, education, human rights, freedoms and justice based upon all men and women being created equal is our North Star. Of course, we’ve had a history with class and racial struggles, as did all countries. We will continue to be a government of the people, by the people and for the people. When we stray from these principles we must have the laws and courage of our leadership to call it out.

Today’s Democrats seem to be more concerned with their interests and identity politics than the greater good. They consistently put politics over people. All so-called “leaders” whether in elected office, communities, businesses and the media, for that matter, that do not denounce lawlessness in the streets exhibit terrible leadership. Because far too many won’t denounce these unacceptable actions the problem is getting worse. We are observing people being openly harassed at restaurants, police being spit on and people walking in the streets being beaten and shot. Yet, so-called leaders tacitly condone and refuse to denounce these horrific actions.

At the same time, all the corrections and improvements that we all have agreed on should be made related to law enforcement reform. President Trump, Senator Tim Scott and Congressional Republicans have embraced and are willing to enact reforms and work hand-in-hand with our police as well as with our Democratic colleagues. Yet, this effort was discarded by the Democrat leadership… because they want the political gain of the issue rather than the solution to the problem. This is reprehensible and the people should vote them out!

This election is about Leadership. 

Leadership is very much about staying focused on the greater good and inspiring others to do the same. President Trump and I believe our Party’s focus should be on law and order, national security, economic strength and education, which are all in the best interests of all Americans. Leadership requires courage. It’s not leadership to make short-term political decisions that satisfy the issue of the day, real leadership is understanding that we must lead with a long-term view. Leadership is certainly not being afraid to call out those doing wrong for short-term political gain.

Today’s Democrat Party, fueled by the mainstream media, spends more time misrepresenting and selling an issue for short-term gain rather than thinking and caring for what’s best in the long-term for our people and our country. Did President Dwight D. Eisenhour focus on the result, or did he focus on what was politically correct as he led the defeat of the Nazi regime? Did Martin Luther King, Jr. focus entirely on all people living in freedom or did he try to be the most popular pundit in the news? Did President Ronald Reagan focus on America being exceptional for all or was he worried about getting the credit? These were great leaders who always put the interest of the people ahead of themselves. President Trump wants to Make America Great Again for all Americans… not himself… All Americans! His record validates this mission.

This election is about our future.

Where do we go from here? Where will our nation be in 20 years? Will we leave it strong for the next generations? Will our national pride be intact? Will we still be the land of opportunity and the beacon of hope worldwide? Will the American flag be the great symbol of freedom worldwide it has been the last 240 years? Will we continue to be the nation that sets the example of peace, individual liberty and human rights or will be something else… something unrecognizable. Consider the vision the Democrats have for our country versus the one presented by the Republicans.

The Democrat’s vision is difficult to understand. Their words, action and policies offer a vision of socialism, a vastly larger government involved in every aspect of our lives and are based upon the failed assumption that the government knows better than the people. Their vision is one that law and order are not important and violence is a necessary price to pay for mistakes of the past. Joe Biden is known to be a person that is never in doubt… and never right. But then again, how can socialist plans in America ever be right? They can’t be. Joe Biden is an absolute phony. (I recently posted a video comparing Joe Biden’s 2008 vice-presidential nomination speech to his 2020 presidential nomination speech and they are alarmingly the same. What’s worse is that you will see that Joe Biden accomplished nothing that he talked about doing in his 2008 speech, which he is now peddling again to the American people).

Joe is about falsehoods, class warfare and has no intention of getting anything done for the American people. The whole idea is just to get elected and have power. This is, as we all know, 180 degrees different than Donald J. Trump. President Trump is authentic, he is all about getting things done and his mission is to put the interests of America above all else.

Lastly, the good news is, I believe, the vast majority of Americans want America to be Great! We have been through a lot over the centuries and the decades and we are fighting through and recovering from our latest national crisis, the Covid-19 pandemic. The question for voters is who do we want at the wheel? The strategic optimist who created an incredible economy, strong military, national security and renewed America’s leadership position worldwide? Or a candidate and party that wants to “transform” America to fit an extreme agenda which runs contrary to everything that has made America great in the first place? Their plan is not to improve America, it is to redo America to fit their socialist vision.

The American people, our leadership, our future, indeed our Republic are on the ballot. It’s up to us to keep it.

I again want to thank everyone for their many messages, prayers and best wishes. I am recovering rapidly. I will be back 100% very soon.

Thank you,

Dan Meuser
House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs

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