(Fort Lauderdale, FL)— By unanimous decision, ‘Veterans For America First’  is proud to announce that the entire Executive Board of Veterans For America First has selected decorated Army Veteran, Hon. Mr. Vlad Lemets, as the organization’s 2021 National Chairman.

Veterans For America First is a social welfare, non-profit organization (to-date, pending IRA 501©(4) pending status) that successfully protects and defends the shared mission of successfully carrying-out an ‘America First’ policy agenda, in general. According to Veterans For America First Co-Founder and President, Hon. Mr. Vlad Lemets, “America First essentially means taking care of those who have served. This includes, but is not limited to- America’s true heroes, our first ‘line of defense’- our million-member community (read: growing family of) Veterans and First Responders; our ‘brothers and sisters’.” Veterans For America First has been a strong advocate for supporting those who have served- and their families- with the general ethos that ‘We are all in this together!’

Finally, to learn more about Hon. Mr. Vlad Lemets in his highly-distinguished role as Veterans For America First President, for details on the ground-breaking organization’s grassroots work, and/or to support the ‘Veterans For America First’  mission in enforcing our shared America First agenda and policy initiatives nationwide, please refer to the official Veterans For America First website at: www.VeteransForAmericaFirst.org – and please consider ‘following’ Veterans For Trump/America First on all social media platforms – @VeteransForAmericaFirst -today!

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