Some very brave people in London disarmed a terrorist attacker. Sadly, the terrorist was shot and killed by police. I don’t mean sadly because the dog deserved to live. I mean sadly because the terrorist may have yielded valuable information on others.

I’m happy to see people taking action. This needs to be done in all cases of mass violence. It doesn’t matter if it is a shooter at a mall or a terrorist with a knife, here or abroad. I am not an expert but a few things occurred to me.

  1. If you see one person jump a killer others need to join in quickly. A single person may not be able to overcome or hold the individual.
  2. Once the threat is brought under control you would want to immobilize the assailant. You don’t want them being able to reach for a secondary weapon or having the freedom to detonate a bomb.
  3. You can use belts and or shoelaces to bind the hands. You may also want to bind the legs or feet so they cannot run.
  4. If you do not have anything to bind them with it would be important to damage the killer’s hands to the point they cannot be used.

That last part is important but may not be for the squeamish. You may need to find someone in the crowd with what it takes to break every finger and the thumb on both hands if they cannot be bound. You must bend the finger and thumb sideways until you hear the break or you notice the joint is floppy and immobilized.

You may want to find a pipe, rock or heavy object to assist in damaging the bones, joints and tendons if you do not have the strength to break the digits by hand. Also, consider damaging the wrists and elbows to be extra sure they cannot use their arms or hands.

If you believe the killer may still run consider damaging the knees so they cannot stand or walk. The knees are fairly fragile and a large rock, pipe or tire iron using repeated blows should do the trick.

Remember, the trick is to keep the killer alive so they can be interrogated. It doesn’t matter if it is a terrorist or mass shooter. There may be others involved and you may save many more lives.

I’m not saying this to make people paranoid. However, we should all think about what we might do in this type of situation. There will be a lot of adrenaline running through your body and you may forget these important steps. The more you imagine this scenario the better prepared you will be. Again, don’t drive yourself crazy, just think about it calmly.

I’m sure we have some folks that might have other techniques or recommendations. Feel free to post comments below. Share on Social Media if you think this is worth thinking about.

Otherwise, have a great Thanksgiving Weekend and God bless us all.

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