This was recorded on 17 Feb 21. It has only been around 3 weeks and the Biden administration is making a mess of everything. Rather than typing it all up Allen aka Mac and I decided to do a video. We are not sure where all this is going. However, we have decided to attempt a weekly video podcast at We are keeping the website design simple as we are focused on video blogs.

Veterans know we cannot trust Social Media so we put up a Subscribe link on the Homepage. We are using in case takes us down. Make no mistake. This is a new age of warfare, even if it is not the physical kind of war veterans are accustomed to. Free isn’t really free if they control what you say. Do you want a personal website with a blog so Social Media cannot ruin you? Get one from We Who Served here for $5.99 per month with 24/7 All American tech support! Want WordPress? Get hosting with 24/7 All American support for$6.49 per month. Click here

If you would like to contact us so we can do a video including you by Zoom, Teams, or Skype contact us here.

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