By LTC.Michael “Goose” Bogmenko Ret. USAR

Finally the conclusion of figurehead Mueller’s Report testifying before Congress. This report has put our country through agony with investigating lies, corruptive allegations, in order to prove that our president is a traitor. Finally the last act. Now we need to investigate the group who initiated this whole expensive charade.

What high government officials started this fictional nonsense? I being a Ukrainian American, with ties to the old country, which is at war with Russia over Crimea, was adamantly telling my associates that if such a tie existed the Ukrainian people would have voiced it! Instead, the majority of the Ukrainian American citizen population voted for Trump in the 2016 election. You heard nothing about this nonsense from Ukrainian media.

Who instigated this farce? The answer is an incompetent, opinionated and corrupt media, career politicians and bureaucrats who feel that being elitists make them the experts of all. Is this nation heading to partisans of politics who believe in the party before country and government power from the top leadership only? Sounds like the path towards socialism/communism, especially when you hear these House Of Representatives so-called Squad, spew their Democratic platform, of detesting our country’s history/culture, open borders, green agenda, and no person can be illegal so citizenship is irrelevant.

Sure this country has faults, like a civil/ criminal justice system, that favors people with money to battle their court cases. Some racial/age/gender and religious discrimination. It’s against our many laws.

Yet so far we, the USA, are the most responsible of the nations that built new pave-ways, using endurance, sacrifice, volunteerism, global assistance, and multicultural population to ensure democracy for all US citizens.

Trump for 2020 is a necessity for all!

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